Weekly Rundown

Once more I must face what I did–and didn’t do– last week! For a Holiday week, I think I did pretty good. Especially with the eating of two Thanksgiving meals, one on Sunday and one on Thursday 🙂

Monday: off

Tuesday: off, except for all my yard work and bring in the wood. I think filling the wood box should count double, as there is both weight training and walking!

Wednesday: once again I took my sneakers and running clothes to the hospital and I finally got to run after work! It is almost a mile around the hospital, then I found a mowed trail around the back field too. Not sure how far or long I actually ran, as apparently my phone died. The exercise app sometimes drains the battery. Might be time for a new phone. But I am guessing that I did about 3.5 miles or so.

Thursday: 25 minutes of free yoga before we went over to my husband’s aunt’s for Thanksgiving. I was rushing all morning, from the cleaning to the yoga to the cooking, and I was awful glad to sit down for the afternoon!

Friday: I was working from 7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital then 1 to 6 at the Paper Store. The Paper Store is basically a store that sells gifts and Hallmark, and keep in mind that it was our national holiday: Black Friday.  I knew it would be busy…but it can be very fun to work BF, I just don’t wanna be on the other side of the counter 🙂 I took my sneakers again, but got out late from the lab and didn’t think I had enough time to run AND clean up, so another day off. But I think I walked enough steps (roughly 11000 at PS alone) to make up for it.

Saturday: weight training. I added some different moves and I felt them! Think it is time to do this at least 3 times a week. Let’s see how it goes the next week!!

Sunday: played with my horses! Took off the blankets and brushed them until they almost shone. Took a while to get all the mud off their legs, since they are walking through 10 inches of mud daily to get in and out of the barn. Of course they rolled and got all dirty again before I got the blankets back on them. Later I did my fav Candlelite Yoga, which was not my fav cuz it hurt. Definitely need to stretch more too.

I think it is time to revamp my exercise plan. In that, maybe I need to start planning again.  I have been haphazard in what I am doing since I started working.  Time to start working again.

Weekly Rundown

One more week towards the end of the year. Mother Nature is feeling it too, cooler weather has moved in. Very happy to say that I trucked on out there even in the 30 degree mornings.

Monday: I had a three-hour window between my morning in the lab and my afternoon in Same Day Surgery, so my friend Kate came to visit me. We walked around the hospital, which is a mile. We might have done it again, but the wind that threatened to blow us away put a damper–and chill–on our enthusiasm. So we went in and had lunch and talked until I had to work again 🙂

Tuesday: my previous week and weekend finally caught up with me and I crashed on the couch with the puppies for three hours. A definitely needed day off.

Wednesday: unfortunately another day off, this one due to work–7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital and 12 to 5:30. I am happy to say that my nap on Tuesday stood me in good stead, and I made it through my 10 hour day just fine.

Thursday: I decided to do my weight training that I hadn’t done in, well, forever. I think maybe September? It actually went very well, and I felt quite chuffed and strong when I finished.

Friday: Mother Nature struck again. The weatherman promised me that it would stop raining around noon.  Having an hour and a half between hospital and retail job, I decided to run around the hospital. Took all my stuff to run and clean up . Sadly it did not stop raining–for the whole day–and I ended up with another day off.

Saturday: a run, a run, a real run!! Short, but outside early in the morning nonetheless. This is when I found out what my weight training had done. Halfway through the first mile, I realized that yes, lunges do affect my legs. In the second mile my shoulders started to hurt with every swing.  That would be the Burpees with weights, I believe.

Sunday: another run! Same short 2 miles, with much better results. Both faster and not as painful. Wonderful! Of course, we went to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s, so I think I probably did not run enough 😉

An odd thing happened the other day: I realized I was happy with the way I look.  Not that I think I m perfect, but that I am ok with not being perfect.

I am a clothes-horse, as one dear friend put it. I love clothes, I love jewelry, I love shoes, I love fashion and I am rather fanatical about making sure the clothes I wear show me to the best advantage. Nothing tight to show off the flab, drapey tops to hide my belly, etc. But now  I have been grabbing clothes out of the closet that a year ago I wouldn’t have worn and been completely unself-conscious while wearing them.

Because I finally feel like I  look like a normal person. I don’t look thin, I don’t look fat, I just look like a regular woman walking around.  Over the years, my size has changed quite a bit. I definitely felt the “freshman 15” in college, and went up to a 12 or 14 (don’t forget I am only 5′ tall, that made me a bit too round). For one magical year in my 20’s I was a size 4. That didn’t last long.

And even when I was a 4, I obsessed over my “pot” belly. Genetics will out. Now I just figure it’s part of my body and since I have firmed my abs and lost a few pounds, I can live with it: even though I am a size 10 (or 8, depending on the cut) and not a 4.  My body seems to have adjusted in the last year of continuous conditioning and found the shape it wants to be.

First: thanks to you guys, because my “continuous conditioning” had much  to do with being accountable to my blog to workout, and workout with quality exercises.  And all the feedback I got from my Weekly Rundown posts kept me moving.

I am not sure if my body has really reached a good size, or if I am in a better mindset since I feel so strong from all the running and weight training.  Or maybe a combination of both? Whatever, I will take it! Too bad it took 45 years to come to this place. But at least I found it. Now I just need to stay here 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Another week, and whew, am I tired. I am only working 35ish hours a week, but I seem to be filling all my free time up.  ‘Tis that time if year, I guess.  I am enjoying most stuff I am doing–although finishing the metal roof Sunday was not one of my fav ways to spend my extra time–but I think I need a nap!

Monday: out with my friend Kate. She needed to check out a local cemetery for a few requests (she finds family members for people tracing the family tree), so we headed over. I have to say,  cemeteries are quite beautiful. The stones show the love of the families for their lost ones, and many are quite artistic. Kate can explain the trends  and meanings behind the symbols on the stones as we go, which is pretty cool.  After about a 45 minute wander with her, I headed home to play with Christopher Robin.  Gave him a good brushing and took him down the driveway out to the garden behind the house. After walking him about, I decided to hop on him for the ride back to the barn: bareback with just a lead. He was such a doll, no problems at all, even with his deep breathing when walking past the scary tractors.

Tuesday: nice little run. I ran down the road that is my normal 2 mile run.  Then I went a bit further down into the gravel pit at the end of my road.  Now, I am from Conn., so to me gravel is crushed rock. I have learned in my years here that gravel is dirt mixed with rock–and of varying sizes.  So I was running on dirt, pretty much.  But I have to say that whenever I run down there I think about all the crime shows I see and how the jogger is always the one finding the dead bodies in the deserted areas. Fortunately,  none found on this run 🙂

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off. Not planned, but way too tired! And ran around doing errands all afternoon.  So, so  happy to sit down finally around 6ish.

Friday: getting ready for the metal roofing on Sunday. So my husband worked far harder than I, he de-shingled the roof while I was at work. I came home and helped, but not much I could do other than bring things up the ladder to him. I did get some cardio in when we off loaded the shingles from the trailer. Boy, there were a lot! And I did 20 minutes of yoga stretching out from my week when we were done.

Saturday: didn’t want to go “out” for a run. So drills again. Why do I keep thinking they will be easier?! Hill drills this time. I set my goal at 5, and managed to do 6! Although I was certainly not sprinting up the hill. But I did a nice steady pace up the hill, I think that it was a solid exercise day.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum trying to figure out why I was running up the hill repeatedly! 

Sunday: started off the day with a quick 2 mile run. Proud of myself with getting out there first thing, as it was 33 degrees! But it felt pretty dang good, and I did the “mostly 80% uphill” route, which I think I have been avoiding lately. It did warm up slightly as we got going on the roof.  Unfortunately, my husband was doing most of the work again, and we just passed  up the metal after cutting it, then waited while the poor man screwed it all down.  But it is done! Except for the trim…..but no more sheets. Whoo-hoo.

Weekly Rundown

Another week with too many days off, but some quality workouts on the days I did do them!

Monday: off–don’t remember why! Oh yeah, I worked my butt off all day at the hospital.

Tuesday: off again. I like to think I wasn’t just being lazy. Nope, I was working again: hospital then my retail job. I am very much enjoying my jobs in two very different ways, although primarily it is the interaction with people all day that I enjoy most.

Wednesday: 25 minutes of free yoga. I have a great routine now, it has about three moves apiece from three different DVD routines, plus three more of my hip openers and my stretching that I love at the end. I try to hold each pose for five breathes, but sometimes I lose count if I am watching tv. I have been watching the new Muppets I DVR as I do it and the shenanigans of Miss Piggy can distract me!

Thursday: nice little run, just over 2 miles. Felt very refreshing–I went out just before dusk and it was a lovely fresh afternoon.

Friday: more of my free yoga. 23 minutes this time: which pose did I lose on count on I wonder? Alternating the yoga and my run really seems to stretch me out. Feels great when I do the yoga and better for my next run!

Saturday: an early run and I decided to “cheat”: I did my flat drills. Sometimes I just don’t feel like climbing a hill, so although my drills are hard, I feel like I am cheating.  The drills went well, and my Burpees at the end even seemed easier than last time. Guess I better do more next time 🙂

Sunday: not a day of “conventional” exercise, but a busy day.  Started with cleaning the house, I love that I can get over 5000 steps just cleaning! Then I went out in the afternoon (cleaning took most of the morning) and worked in the barn. There was a stall to clean, with mats to be fixed–there are two mats in the stall, and they have been knocked askew by the horsey hooves. They probably weigh 70 or more pounds, so shifting them around in the stall is a workout in itself. Then there was a horse to ride! Charby and I had a nice time out on the road. Finally, after all of the work, I got to sit and watch the Pat’s football game!



From dawn to dusk, what a beautiful day!

When I went out this morning it was foggy, and just becoming light. The sky was a solid gray that seemed at once very low and yet endlessly high. And rising above the dark silhouette of a tree the crescent moon glimmered in the gray.

Made me wish that I had a better camera than my iPhone. Mother Nature is being her usual capricious self, and it is actually unseasonably warm for us right now. The sky turned to a wonderful blue for our day, and windows were opened every where

After work and a solid four hours on the couch–my, I was tired!– I went out for my run right before dusk. Clouds were moving in low across the sky, but when I climbed my first hill the sun slanted across the field to highlight the burnt oak leaves clinging to the trees. The wind came up, and I was suddenly running through a flying cloud of leaves. I felt so exultant in that moment, I had to throw out my arms!

Weekly Rundown

Another week down! A good week too, although it bogged down a bit in the middle. Weather and work. But I think I am getting back on track. I spent less actual time exercising last month than September, but I had more miles.  Definitely an improvement. Interesting side note: I have been eating quite a bit recently. More than I think I should. But since I started focusing more on my running and having more quality workouts, my urge to eat uncontrollably has abated. Hmmmm….

Monday: I started the week with grand plans, and on Monday I even managed to follow through. I wanted to run and ride each afternoon I had off this week (which would have been three). I came home and made myself run before sitting down–it’s the sitting down that gets me. I promise myself it is going to be brief, but I never seem to get up again. I did my flat drills, followed by a few (10) burpees and extensive stretching.  After doing that sitting down thing, I rode Charby. We weren’t out there too long, Christopher Robin was a nut. He ran around the field kicking and bucking and occasionally getting way too close to Charby and I. Eventually I decided the better part of valor was retreat 🙂

Tuesday: Once again I convinced myself that I better not sit down and immediately got changed when I got home.  I really didn’t want to go out to run, so I thought doing my hill drills was a better option. What was I thinking?!? My farrier came out and trimmed both the equines’ feet in the middle of the  afternoon. I played with them while waiting for him, and when he was done I never got around to riding. But they got love and attention, and I am sure they appreciated that much more than actually working. And a manicure, they loved the manicure.

Wednesday: a planned day off as I knew I had to work all day.

Thursday: a planned day off as I knew it would rain all day.

Friday: a non planned day off. This falls under the best laid plans……  My plan was to work, take a quick run around (literally, there is a trail) the hospital, then off to see my friend. I was called in early (6:30-ack!) and still took my running gear with me. I was so proud. Then they asked me to work late since the person I covered early needed to be covered all day. I eschewed the run in favor of my friend. She was moving and  I wasn’t sure when I would see her again.

Saturday: Oh, I didn’t want to run. I knew I had too, but I really didn’t want too.  I procrastinated, feeding the horses and then putting plenty of orange on them as deer hunting season started here on Saturday.  Never too much orange on a four-legged animal at this time of year! Then I did some house cleaning as another friend was coming to visit later in the day. Finally, warmed up from all the procrastination, I took to the road in my sneakers.  IT WAS MARVELOUS!! I felt so good (thanks drills!) and I just flew through my run.

Sunday: ooops day. Well, I had to take my husband to the airport for a business trip. So I continued down the highway to see my mom. I haven’t seen her since she stopped coming up to ride during the heat of July. I was pretty excited to hang out with her and my family. I stayed longer than I planned, however, and by the time I got home the plan of doing my yoga was pretty much just that: a plan and not going to be reality!