Weekly Rundown

Another week down! A good week too, although it bogged down a bit in the middle. Weather and work. But I think I am getting back on track. I spent less actual time exercising last month than September, but I had more miles.  Definitely an improvement. Interesting side note: I have been eating quite a bit recently. More than I think I should. But since I started focusing more on my running and having more quality workouts, my urge to eat uncontrollably has abated. Hmmmm….

Monday: I started the week with grand plans, and on Monday I even managed to follow through. I wanted to run and ride each afternoon I had off this week (which would have been three). I came home and made myself run before sitting down–it’s the sitting down that gets me. I promise myself it is going to be brief, but I never seem to get up again. I did my flat drills, followed by a few (10) burpees and extensive stretching.  After doing that sitting down thing, I rode Charby. We weren’t out there too long, Christopher Robin was a nut. He ran around the field kicking and bucking and occasionally getting way too close to Charby and I. Eventually I decided the better part of valor was retreat 🙂

Tuesday: Once again I convinced myself that I better not sit down and immediately got changed when I got home.  I really didn’t want to go out to run, so I thought doing my hill drills was a better option. What was I thinking?!? My farrier came out and trimmed both the equines’ feet in the middle of the  afternoon. I played with them while waiting for him, and when he was done I never got around to riding. But they got love and attention, and I am sure they appreciated that much more than actually working. And a manicure, they loved the manicure.

Wednesday: a planned day off as I knew I had to work all day.

Thursday: a planned day off as I knew it would rain all day.

Friday: a non planned day off. This falls under the best laid plans……  My plan was to work, take a quick run around (literally, there is a trail) the hospital, then off to see my friend. I was called in early (6:30-ack!) and still took my running gear with me. I was so proud. Then they asked me to work late since the person I covered early needed to be covered all day. I eschewed the run in favor of my friend. She was moving and  I wasn’t sure when I would see her again.

Saturday: Oh, I didn’t want to run. I knew I had too, but I really didn’t want too.  I procrastinated, feeding the horses and then putting plenty of orange on them as deer hunting season started here on Saturday.  Never too much orange on a four-legged animal at this time of year! Then I did some house cleaning as another friend was coming to visit later in the day. Finally, warmed up from all the procrastination, I took to the road in my sneakers.  IT WAS MARVELOUS!! I felt so good (thanks drills!) and I just flew through my run.

Sunday: ooops day. Well, I had to take my husband to the airport for a business trip. So I continued down the highway to see my mom. I haven’t seen her since she stopped coming up to ride during the heat of July. I was pretty excited to hang out with her and my family. I stayed longer than I planned, however, and by the time I got home the plan of doing my yoga was pretty much just that: a plan and not going to be reality!



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