From dawn to dusk, what a beautiful day!

When I went out this morning it was foggy, and just becoming light. The sky was a solid gray that seemed at once very low and yet endlessly high. And rising above the dark silhouette of a tree the crescent moon glimmered in the gray.

Made me wish that I had a better camera than my iPhone. Mother Nature is being her usual capricious self, and it is actually unseasonably warm for us right now. The sky turned to a wonderful blue for our day, and windows were opened every where

After work and a solid four hours on the couch–my, I was tired!– I went out for my run right before dusk. Clouds were moving in low across the sky, but when I climbed my first hill the sun slanted across the field to highlight the burnt oak leaves clinging to the trees. The wind came up, and I was suddenly running through a flying cloud of leaves. I felt so exultant in that moment, I had to throw out my arms!

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