Weekly Rundown

Another week with too many days off, but some quality workouts on the days I did do them!

Monday: off–don’t remember why! Oh yeah, I worked my butt off all day at the hospital.

Tuesday: off again. I like to think I wasn’t just being lazy. Nope, I was working again: hospital then my retail job. I am very much enjoying my jobs in two very different ways, although primarily it is the interaction with people all day that I enjoy most.

Wednesday: 25 minutes of free yoga. I have a great routine now, it has about three moves apiece from three different DVD routines, plus three more of my hip openers and my stretching that I love at the end. I try to hold each pose for five breathes, but sometimes I lose count if I am watching tv. I have been watching the new Muppets I DVR as I do it and the shenanigans of Miss Piggy can distract me!

Thursday: nice little run, just over 2 miles. Felt very refreshing–I went out just before dusk and it was a lovely fresh afternoon.

Friday: more of my free yoga. 23 minutes this time: which pose did I lose on count on I wonder? Alternating the yoga and my run really seems to stretch me out. Feels great when I do the yoga and better for my next run!

Saturday: an early run and I decided to “cheat”: I did my flat drills. Sometimes I just don’t feel like climbing a hill, so although my drills are hard, I feel like I am cheating.  The drills went well, and my Burpees at the end even seemed easier than last time. Guess I better do more next time 🙂

Sunday: not a day of “conventional” exercise, but a busy day.  Started with cleaning the house, I love that I can get over 5000 steps just cleaning! Then I went out in the afternoon (cleaning took most of the morning) and worked in the barn. There was a stall to clean, with mats to be fixed–there are two mats in the stall, and they have been knocked askew by the horsey hooves. They probably weigh 70 or more pounds, so shifting them around in the stall is a workout in itself. Then there was a horse to ride! Charby and I had a nice time out on the road. Finally, after all of the work, I got to sit and watch the Pat’s football game!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Glad to see you are maintaining your routine! What’s this “hospital” work?? I didn’t know you worked in a hospital.
    Summer is closing in here, sadly, but at least it does mean more rain and the area I work in is on the coast so more rain than where I live.
    Keep up the good work…
    Winter must be starting to make its presence felt there now???


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