Weekly Rundown

Another week, and whew, am I tired. I am only working 35ish hours a week, but I seem to be filling all my free time up.  ‘Tis that time if year, I guess.  I am enjoying most stuff I am doing–although finishing the metal roof Sunday was not one of my fav ways to spend my extra time–but I think I need a nap!

Monday: out with my friend Kate. She needed to check out a local cemetery for a few requests (she finds family members for people tracing the family tree), so we headed over. I have to say,  cemeteries are quite beautiful. The stones show the love of the families for their lost ones, and many are quite artistic. Kate can explain the trends  and meanings behind the symbols on the stones as we go, which is pretty cool.  After about a 45 minute wander with her, I headed home to play with Christopher Robin.  Gave him a good brushing and took him down the driveway out to the garden behind the house. After walking him about, I decided to hop on him for the ride back to the barn: bareback with just a lead. He was such a doll, no problems at all, even with his deep breathing when walking past the scary tractors.

Tuesday: nice little run. I ran down the road that is my normal 2 mile run.  Then I went a bit further down into the gravel pit at the end of my road.  Now, I am from Conn., so to me gravel is crushed rock. I have learned in my years here that gravel is dirt mixed with rock–and of varying sizes.  So I was running on dirt, pretty much.  But I have to say that whenever I run down there I think about all the crime shows I see and how the jogger is always the one finding the dead bodies in the deserted areas. Fortunately,  none found on this run 🙂

Wednesday: off

Thursday: off. Not planned, but way too tired! And ran around doing errands all afternoon.  So, so  happy to sit down finally around 6ish.

Friday: getting ready for the metal roofing on Sunday. So my husband worked far harder than I, he de-shingled the roof while I was at work. I came home and helped, but not much I could do other than bring things up the ladder to him. I did get some cardio in when we off loaded the shingles from the trailer. Boy, there were a lot! And I did 20 minutes of yoga stretching out from my week when we were done.

Saturday: didn’t want to go “out” for a run. So drills again. Why do I keep thinking they will be easier?! Hill drills this time. I set my goal at 5, and managed to do 6! Although I was certainly not sprinting up the hill. But I did a nice steady pace up the hill, I think that it was a solid exercise day.

Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum trying to figure out why I was running up the hill repeatedly! 

Sunday: started off the day with a quick 2 mile run. Proud of myself with getting out there first thing, as it was 33 degrees! But it felt pretty dang good, and I did the “mostly 80% uphill” route, which I think I have been avoiding lately. It did warm up slightly as we got going on the roof.  Unfortunately, my husband was doing most of the work again, and we just passed  up the metal after cutting it, then waited while the poor man screwed it all down.  But it is done! Except for the trim…..but no more sheets. Whoo-hoo.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Sam,
    Long time no hear. So glad to read your blog again- apologies for letting go. Am glad that you are happy with how you look and everything else in your life. You are the best.
    Happy belated Thanksgiving !


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