Weekly Rundown

One more week towards the end of the year. Mother Nature is feeling it too, cooler weather has moved in. Very happy to say that I trucked on out there even in the 30 degree mornings.

Monday: I had a three-hour window between my morning in the lab and my afternoon in Same Day Surgery, so my friend Kate came to visit me. We walked around the hospital, which is a mile. We might have done it again, but the wind that threatened to blow us away put a damper–and chill–on our enthusiasm. So we went in and had lunch and talked until I had to work again 🙂

Tuesday: my previous week and weekend finally caught up with me and I crashed on the couch with the puppies for three hours. A definitely needed day off.

Wednesday: unfortunately another day off, this one due to work–7:30 to 11:30 at the hospital and 12 to 5:30. I am happy to say that my nap on Tuesday stood me in good stead, and I made it through my 10 hour day just fine.

Thursday: I decided to do my weight training that I hadn’t done in, well, forever. I think maybe September? It actually went very well, and I felt quite chuffed and strong when I finished.

Friday: Mother Nature struck again. The weatherman promised me that it would stop raining around noon.  Having an hour and a half between hospital and retail job, I decided to run around the hospital. Took all my stuff to run and clean up . Sadly it did not stop raining–for the whole day–and I ended up with another day off.

Saturday: a run, a run, a real run!! Short, but outside early in the morning nonetheless. This is when I found out what my weight training had done. Halfway through the first mile, I realized that yes, lunges do affect my legs. In the second mile my shoulders started to hurt with every swing.  That would be the Burpees with weights, I believe.

Sunday: another run! Same short 2 miles, with much better results. Both faster and not as painful. Wonderful! Of course, we went to have Thanksgiving at my brother’s, so I think I probably did not run enough 😉

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