On Trend

After my post about accepting my body, I picked up my People Style Watch ( I did mention I love fashion, right?) and found an article on accepting yourself! Who knew I could actually be on trend?

This is going to be a standard feature in the magazine, #loveyourshape. I love that they are trying to help women accept who they are rather than making them want to be the same shape and size as the stars featured in the magazine. And they didn’t ask just the tiny little stars what they didn’t like or how they accepted themselves. My fav is probably Kelly Osbourne, as I have come to this realization myself:

“My goal: to never wish that I looked like someone else. No matter how much I think about it, I will never wake up with a body other than my own.”*

I also particularly liked Gabi’s quote as I have pretty much given up on my scale:

“I vow to exercise for fitness and health, not weight loss. I–like  many women–have fallen victim to working out with the hopes of getting thinner. Now, I’m going to do it because it’s good for me, not because it will change a number on the scale.”*

When I went in for my Wellness appointment last week, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that my BMI is actually 25.7. Can’t remember the last time I was anywhere near the 25 mark. But that is just a bonus.

I think that feeling strong and having my clothes fit well–or be loose!–is the best reward for my hard work.  Getting hung up on the numbers on a scale can derail our diet and/or exercise faster than anything.

Instead, we need to do our best, occasionally let ourselves slide and take Lea Michele’s advice:

“I’m going to tell myself I’m beautiful every day–and believe it.”*

*People StyleWatch, Dec 2015

4 thoughts on “On Trend

  1. What a fantastic article, and one that I needed to read this morning. I made the mistake of getting on the scale at the gym yesterday. Number wise, I’m back up to where I started even though I know I’m going down in sizes… Stupid muscle weighting more and stuff…

    I love the quote from Lea Michele. I’m going to start saying that to myself. Screw the scale. 🙂


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  2. Sam,
    Sorry I was later reading this – what a great post and thanks for sharing- so wanted to hear this. My weight is hovering around 87 kgs and has been for many months now- a lot of is is my fault and some of it is my genetics. Anyway since the weather changed for the better here, I have been trying to walk and I walk in between work- we don’t have to much of work anyway- so I get the sunshine and the rain and also get to do my work- how is that for fun ?


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