Resolute Resolutions

I  recapped my year on my other blog, FicWriterwithablog  Wednesday. 2015 was a good year, and I can’t wait for 2016 to start rolling. So now I guess I need some resolutions for 2016.

My first resolution is to write ahead!I need to get myself breathing room between my planned post dates and the writing so I don’t miss the postswhen life interferes. Because lets face it, life interferes a LOT! I definitely need to do that for both my blogs.

For my writing blog, I have some specific hopes: I want to return to my longer fiction piece once a month. Unfortunately, when I tried that last year, I didn’t seem to manage it. I am going to try harder this year.  So check in on the first Wednesday of each month to see how I am doing. I also have a few ideas for a couple new features to be alternated through my Tuesday posts, and of course Cliche Sunday will continue!! I am looking forward to rejoining the group for Friday Fictioneers and Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, since I haven’t been able to write my flash fiction pretty much for the holiday season. Ah, the unused ideas….

For my running blog, I also have some definitive ideas. These are focused more on my exercise rather than my blog posts. No more blaming Mother Nature, I am going to run on the treadmill this winter and keep in shape for the spring. I will, I am sure, still complain about Mother Nature.  My biggest goal: I want to do two obstacle races this year.  I loved the Urban Raid, and I want to try the Insane Inflatables this year as well. I would also like to do an early 5K in the spring to get me motivated 🙂 In all my free time (hah), I also need to work those two beasties out in the barn more. I need to ride and do more ground work. Riding after running and vice versa is hard on the legs–but, oh, what legs I will develop. And my secret shame: I can’t do a pull up. My goal in 2016 is to do pull ups. No goal on how many, just that I can do them.  One addition to my blog that I am going to add is a favorite yoga pose on my weekly rundown.  I think everyone can do one yoga pose….then another…and then you might be enjoying the benefits of yoga 🙂

Now that I wrote all this down, I need to get out there and follow through. I hope you all will keep me going this year!

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