Those of you who have been following along will know I just don’t like running on a treadmill.  Part of my joy of running is being outside. The wind, the sun, even the occasional rain drop. Just letting go of the rest of the world as my feet slap the pavement.  A treadmill just doesn’t compare.

But I missed a lot of running last winter, so I decided I better suck it up and run on the thing.  First I tried in front of the tv. That didn’t work. I barely made it ten minutes, and twenty was torture! What could I do if even having the tv to distract me was unbearable?

Then I had an epiphany.  I decided to just get on it and run in the library, which is where it had been stored. Instead of setting a time, I decided to run for four songs. And I hid the console under a towel (useful for that sweat) so I couldn’t watch the minutes creep by.

And it worked! I ran for the four songs, which equaled just about 21 minutes, and walked out for one more. I ran like I do on the road, letting my mind wander. I worked on my form, keeping my core strong and light.

Still not as good as running outside, but definitely doable. I think I will be in much better shape this spring 🙂

6 thoughts on “Epiphany!

  1. Running to music is a great idea. I do the elliptical in front of the T.V. when I can (not often lately). I used to walk for a couple hours outside no matter what the weather. I too just love to be outside. I miss it and feel like I am missing out on the best of life but I am doing what I can and hoping for better to come. Really hoping I will be up to kayaking this spring. AAhh enough thinking about what cannot be right now and deal with what is. I am glad you found a way to enjoy or make doable your treadmill.
    My daughter just started running last year and was okay with doing the treadmill and then that darn thing called life happened. She broke her tibia and in a cast for at least another 8 weeks. The only thing she kept saying was “How am I going to run?” Well, we know the answer to that one. So my workaholic run loving mother of a 4 yr. old daughter is grounded in a big way. And not at all happy about it. She is however still looking forward to running her first 5 mile race in Duluth I believe in June 2016. It keeps her going just thinking about it.


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