Gearing Up

We all made our resolutions and now it is time to follow through with our fitness plans. What is the first thing we need? Well, gear for our chosen sport of course!

And here is my words of caution: don’t go over board.

You love Wii tennis, and decided that you need to take up actual tennis. After buying all the necessities for tennis, you realize you couldn’t hit a real ball with a four-foot racquet.  Now what?

   +   +    = 

Or you get talked into a Polar Bear Dip (you crazy person, you) and realize you love the water.  Instantly you buy the best bathing suit ever and a year’s membership to the local Y; only to find you sink like a stone to the bottom of the pool.

Now, I am definitely not saying don’t try something new. But also to try moderation.

Can you play tennis in your sweats and sneakers? Yes. Will you look as cool? Probably not. (No one looks cool learning a new sport anyway)  Do you need a racquet? Yup. (Although you can probably rent a racquet until you find out how you like the game in the real world)   The biggest expense would then be the lessons, and that is the one thing you probably should spend the money on.

And I am not suggesting you try swimming at the Y with your beach bikini.  But maybe a decent regular suit until you decide you are ready for the Olympic trials. Or your first Triathalon. Or just when you realize you really love it and will be there three times a week without fail.

I went out and bought a bicycle once. Had to have it. Spent all my birthday money on it. Didn’t take too many rides  to realize I really didn’t like bike seats! That bike spent a lot of time in the garage.  So when I started running, my first shoes only cost $30. And each year they have cost more. That’s ok, I know I am in it for life now 🙂

I’m not suggesting that when your exercise-fanatic friend cleans out her closet you need to take her leftovers. The one thing I do suggest on spending a bit of money on is the exercise clothes. Most can be used for a variety of sports, so if you change your mind from yoga to kickboxing, no problem.

And, I have learned, it is good to keep your exercise clothes separate from your regular wardrobe. After running a couple of times in one of my long sleeve tees, I wore it to work. After I warmed up a bit, I realized I smelled. Well, I didn’t smell, but the tee did!  All the running tees immediately went into the exercise shelves so I didn’t wear them to work again.  A lot of the newer sports fabrics are made to not retain the sweat scent after washing.

 So go crazy and buy those  wild pants,the more you love them, the more you will want to wear them!

4 thoughts on “Gearing Up

  1. Great advice, especially when we’re caught in the grip of what basically amounts to NRE. It’s new, it’s awesome, we have to have the best thing ever because this is amazing! Then, two weeks later, we wonder what we were thinking…


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