Weekly Rundown

Another week of rehab. I managed to slow my weight loss (yes, that is a good thing) to just one pound. Sadly, I had to eat chocolate to do it. The suffering I go through 😉

I also lost a bit of my flexibility in my knee. Guess I didn’t work hard enough. I have about six different leg exercises to do, and I have added some light weight work for my arms as well. But I haven’t worked my walking–getting my knee to flex–and free flexing of my knee enough.

I focused on getting around the house more, and washing dishes, folding laundry. I was trying to a) get back to a normal life; and, b) I wanted to help out the husband. My husband has been marvelous! He has been cooking, cleaning and taking care of me tirelessly. But I hate that everything is on his shoulders. So I try to help.

This week will be more focused on bending that knee! I also want to look into “seated yoga”, something we did in the hospital. I can’t do yoga yet, and I believe my regular readers will understand how much that chafes.  I am getting a bit better, I can reach my hand down below my knee. Next thing you know, I will be able to put my own sock on! (goals for next week)


7 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Wow Sam! I haven’t visited your blog in ages, and this morning I just thought about you and decided to take a peek. When you talked about rehab I looked back to find out what happened, and What a Shock. I’m so sorry. It sounds like it didn’t affect your sense of humor or your determination though – which will come in handy. I wish you the best with this challenge; sending love, light and virtual chicken soup. xx


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