Weekly Rundown

Ah, another week of rehab!  I am getting better every day, at least that is what I tell myself 🙂 I did take a few days off from the Physical Therapy moves, but that is because I did other things that may have made me tired. I think it was a great week in all.

Monday: I did a mere 10 reps of my arm/leg exercises, because I took a lovely walk down the driveway. Finally, I made it outside.

Tuesday: I was tired and sleepy all day, but I did manage to do 10 more reps. Because the next day was supposed to hit 60, I knew we needed to take the horse’s blankets off. They have two, a rain layer and a fleece layer, and if I had been myself for the last three weeks, I would have been taking the under layer off and on with the weather. But it definitely needed to be done now.

So my neighbor, my husband and I went out to the barn. Charby has been giving my husband grief (she does that to new people), and I wanted to be there to help.  Getting me into the barn was fun!! My original plan was to hold Charby’s lead and talk to her while they did the blanket work, but I also wanted to have her attached to the lead in the stall in case the moved and I couldn’t hold her. Silly mare was very interested in the hay on the floor of the tack room, and they would have had to pull her away to attach the other lead. So she ate hay and ignored me while they took her under blanket off. She did raise her head and let me rub her face every time I said her name, so I guess she might have missed me. She wasn’t leaving the stall, so they had to do Christopher Robin outside (he is so much easier) and I didn’t get to see him as much. But, I got out to the barn and saw the horses!!

Wednesday: being lazy, I skipped the arms and just did the legs. Which I suppose are more important right now anyway. A simple 15 reps. My friend Kate came over, we  had decided to re-watch the original Star Wars trilogy, so today was A New Hope.

Thursday: I did some yoga stretching and 15 reps of my arm/leg exercises. And then the Empire Strikes Back !

Friday: I took off as we ran errands and went searching for a car, mine having been totalled. I did walk around the car lot quite a bit, which I considered my exercise for the day.

Saturday: I was at home by myself, so I decided I needed to increase my exercises. I did two reps of 15 of each of my exercises and felt pretty darn good afterwards.

Sunday: off again! But we went out to breakfast and then to the grocery store. First time I attempted a grocery store, but I made it all the way around. I was quite happy, although I went out to sit in the car while he paid, standing around while they bagged everything seemed tedious at best.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Sounds like a good week to me. I’ve never seen all of the Star Wars movies and I constantly catch flac from my companion and roommates for it. They’ve mentioned before how if I didn’t legitimately work with video games they would have totally revoked my nerd card by now. : )

    I did enjoy the newest movie though. Maybe I’ll break down one of these days and watch the other ones.


  2. Hi. Good to see you are keeping up the writing…..wish I could say the same!!!!
    Will have to take the time to read some more of your work, it was always refreshing. Keep up the good work.


      • You have no idea….family visiting from NZ, mother-in-law had a stroke, I’ve been sick, furniture building for the visitors, 2nd grandchild due in two weeks, in four weeks going for a two week cruise from Rome to Greece to Turkey, some islands, then back to Rome!…..no not crazy at all!!!!


      • Thanks. Turns out Istanbul has been taken off the itinerary….must be worried about taking large passenger liners into such confined waters!!!


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