Weekly Rundown

Another week of progress–slow progress, but progress none the less. Still waiting to go to the doctor, so I am still using my walker. Definitely getting tired of that. But it helps me get around, so I guess I will suck it up!

Monday: arm weights and leg PT exercises, two sets of 15.  Afterwards I did  a few moments of yoga stretching.

Tuesday: my physical therapy person came to put me through my paces. She is a lovely person and doesn’t push me into pain, but pushes me to do what I can. I am back to a 50 degree bend in my leg, so all the flexing definitely helped. More to do, but at least I know its working! I did a little yoga stretching after she left, then iced my knee a bit.

Wednesday: more arm weights and PT leg exercises. I have increased my right leg raises to 10, we started with 4 or 5. It is nice just to move my leg around, when I came home from the hospital I had to use my hands to move it around. My right thigh is definitely getting stronger. I also increased my quad sets: I had been doing them fast and my PT person said to hold each one for a count of 5.

Thursday: I took it off. Except that I took a walk to the barn and helped my neighbor (or she helped me) to feed the horses. It was a lovely day for a walk down the driveway and a sit on the porch while we talked.

Friday: oh, what a day. My husband and I did errands as usual. We started with breakfast at the local store, then I had to go into Tractor Supply to help him pick out the horse food, and after a couple more stops I went into the local grocery store to help him get food for us. Then exercises at home! I have figured out how to get on the floor (and back off the floor), which makes my exercises much easier. It also is using my core as I have to sit up straight with my leg outstretched while doing the arm weights. I can sit with my left foot tucked under my right knee, and that is almost like sitting in a cross-legged position for my yoga stretches. I can’t even express how much I miss sitting in a lotus position 😦 but this does seem to help a bit. I did want to try this on a day when my husband was home, I was a bit worried that he might come home and find me still on the floor otherwise! I also walked down the whole driveway to get the  mail.

Saturday: I just did my arm weights and leg PT, two sets of 15 once more.  I was happy that I felt great after the busy day before.

Sunday: off.  I (foolishly) took my sock off during the night. I have to stretch quite a bit to reach my right toes at all, and I guess I twisted my leg when I pulled the sock, plus I didn’t have the leg on the mattress, so it bounced after pulling it off. Won’t do that again. The knee felt funny and achey all day, so I decided the better part of valor was to not exercise.

PS as I write this on Monday, my leg is much better and I have already exercised 🙂


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