Weekly Rundown

Last week went along nicely, but this week is the one I am uptight about. On Friday I see my doctor and learn whether I can put more weight on my leg. Why does this make me anxious? you ask. Well, if I can go to a cane–first, YAY!!  I can carry things–then I can go back to work. Not to mention drive. Ah, the freedom!

My bending is not going so well, I still seem stuck at a 50 degree bend, no matter how many times during the day I stretch my knee and practice bending. But that is not as important in being able to ditch the walker as putting more weight on the leg. He put some extra bone and a metal plate in there when he fixed my tibia plateau break (basically rebuilding the knee area), so I have only been allowed to put about 30 lbs on it while moving with the walker.  Keep your fingers crossed that the x-ray shows enough improvement for me go to a cane and use the leg more!

Monday: just my arm weights and leg PT, two reps of 15 each. I have to say that I am getting a bit bored with the repetitive nature of my exercises. Before I always alternated the running/yoga/weight lifting/riding so that I was never bored. If I didn’t feel like the scheduled exercise for the day, I just did another. Not much of a possibilty of that now.

Tuesday: a rainy day. Feels like England here! Not feeling terribly ambitious, I did about 10 minutes of yoga stretching. I have discovered on the floor that although I can’t sit cross-legged,  I can bend my left leg and tuck the foot under the right  knee. Once I put my “sit bones” on the floor and use my core to sit up straight, it does feel like my cross leg position. But I still can’t do enough poses to make my practice last more than ten minutes.

Wednesday: feeling more ambitious (the sun was out!), I did my arm weights and leg PT.  Starting out differently, I stood and did my yoga breathing/stretches, and even tried to touch my toes. Not so easy after two months of not stretching. Then I managed to get on the floor without lowering myself from the couch–whoo hoo. To top off the session, I rolled over to see if I could do a plank. And I could!! I couldn’t hold the plank after the months, but I could do it.

Thursday: a day off. I did make sure I moved every hour or so to stretch. I took the opportunity to bend my knee each time too. Watching TV or reading a book usually makes me lose track of time and I tend to sit for several hours.

Friday: another day off, but not planned. It was a yucky day: freezing rain. It delayed my husband and I on doing our normal errands.  I planned on doing my exercise after we got home, but after five hours of errands, I was a little tired when we got home. We decided to get new phones and of course between picking them out and setting them up, we were at the phone place for about two and a half hours. Then we had to go grocery shopping. I suppose I got enough walking exercise.

Saturday: another day of arm weights and PT leg exercises.  I did my yoga stretching first, then got on the floor to do the serious stuff. I did a plank again, and added the “roll-up”–walking my hands up to my feet and then walking them back down into plank.  The forward bend provided was much better than my first try this week, probably because I was warmed up first.

Sunday: arm weights and PT leg exercises once more. With my yoga stretching added in it felt pretty dang good. I feel very balanced standing on my legs with no support, hopefully that is a good sign for my doctor’s visit!

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