Weekly Rundown

I was whipped yesterday–an extra hour of work and more weight on my arms. So I didn’t get around to my post. Last week was a good week, especially since I went back to work. I only worked 4 hour shifts, which was in fact my original schedule. I am working up to my new position, which is 40 hours.  I couldn’t jump right into that! Driving is great too, but since it is my right leg that is hurt, it can be tiring to drive using the leg.

Monday: after getting up at 5:30, driving to work, working and driving home, I was done! Generally we have a volunteer at the lab, which means we don’t have to go out and get each patient to register. However, we did not on Monday, so I had to walk much more than normal. Good exercise, so I decided to take the day off. A 3 hour nap after getting home didn’t hurt either.

Tuesday: back on the horse! After work I did my Arm Weights and Pt leg exercises, 2 reps of 15.

Wednesday: yoga 🙂 I strung together a set of 18 positions. It didn’t take as long as I wanted, I decided I must have rushed some of the poses and didn’t breath enough. I did do some new ones, adding Navansana (also known as Scale) and doing a three point Down Dog; as well as adding Locust to stretch my back.  I was pretty happy to do a three point Down dog with both legs–my right leg was strong enough to hold me while extending the left leg!

Thursday: I did the Arm Weights with my PT Leg exercises. I added squats to the list, to help work my knee on bending.  Not that I can squat very deeply, but I will get there. I also added double leg lifts–lifting both legs up forward while laying down. I certainly felt that one in my lower abdomen later that night!  Since I added that one, I went back to doing the front lift/side lift of my legs separately, instead of in one move as I did last week.

Friday: Arm Weights and Leg PT once more. I forgot to do the squats, I guess I need to write down the order!

Saturday: my new yoga session again. On Wednesday it took 18 minutes. Today I took more breathes and moved slower, so imagine my surprise that it only took 16 minutes! Although it wasn’t as long as I hoped, it was a really good session and I felt wonderful afterwards.

Sunday: my husband had big plans–the local Home & Garden Show and groceries. I decided that I should exercise first, I knew I wouldn’t want to do any when I got home. especially after we added in a few extra errands. So I did the Arm Weights and PT Leg, took a shower and was good to go!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Wonderful Sam- how you manage to fit all this in and work too !
    What about the horses- do you take them for their run too every day ?
    Sorry about your leg – surely the yoga will do it good.


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