Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by! It is getting warmer here and the urge to go out is stronger. I took over feeding the horses again, much to the horse’s and my husband’s relief. They have been quite nice around me, no sudden movements. I think they just might have missed me 🙂
Monday–I decided that the 2 lb weights I have been using for my arms needed to go. I went back to my 5 lb weights that I had been using and did my Arm Weights and PT Leg Exercises, 2 sets of 15 repetitions.  I am happy to report that my arms took to the 5 lbs like I had never stopped.

Tuesday: I took it off.  My right leg was quite swollen, so I iced and babied it. The leg is always larger than the left, but sometimes I overdo and it gets a bit more swollen.

Wednesday: I am supposed to be going to Physical Therapy, but apparently they are so busy that I can’t get in until May 4. I decided to see what I could do for myself. The first thing was to get on my treadmill. At the incredibly slow pace of 1  MPH, I did 10 minutes. I focused on walking properly, bending and lifting my leg. Sometimes with the cane, I just do whatever is easiest.  Then I did 16 minutes of my yoga. One of the things I do is pushing up into a hands and knees position from the floor. My knee doesn’t bend much, but I try.

Thursday: another day of Arms and Legs, 2 sets of the 15 repetitions. The other thing I did for my personal “PT” is squats. My therapist who came to see me while I was home (she can’t anymore as I am no longer housebound) mentioned that squats were something she had knee injuries do. We hadn’t tried any since I couldn’t put weight on it. But now I have added 2 sets of 10 to my leg PT.

Friday: once more I did the Arm Weights and Leg PT. I did the squats again as well. I do think they are working as I can go just a bit deeper.

Saturday: I did 10 more minutes on the treadmill. This time I got up to the dizzying speed of 1.2 MPH. Afterwards I did 19 minutes of my yoga. I am doing the same poses each time, but this time I made sure to take 4 even breaths for each one. It did feel pretty marvelous.

Sunday: and now for something different. My husband was out back clearing land, and it was a warm, sunny day.  So I walked (slowly) out to see how he was doing. It was not likely more than 2 tenths of a mile, but quite uneven and leaf and stump strewn. I was rather impressed how well I managed it. Once back in, I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, with a break at 10 minutes to do a bit of stretching.

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