Yoga, after

My accident definitely changed my yoga practice. It did not change my need to do yoga, however. So now I search for poses that don’t require a bent knee. Who would have thought there were so many?

In the hospital while I was in the Rehab Wing, I was taken to the “workout” room at least two times a day. Slowly I and others worked our injured limbs. Then one therapist suggested “chair yoga.”

I was surprised how many of us jumped at the chance.  I was also surprised–and depressed–that I couldn’t reach my toes while seated  (that would be due to my pelvic girdle fractures in the back). The rest of the class went much more smoothly.  Once I got home I did some more investigation into seated poses on a chair so that I could practice on my own.

Yoga poses from a Chair

I learned from this experience that yoga is definitely available to everyone if they want to practice it. And grow with it.

If you want to try yoga, but feel that your balance or flexibility is unsure, try starting with a chair.  A chair is great to hold onto for standing poses as you progress.  I have reached the point where I am looking for poses for straight legs (which has definitely increased my flexibility reaching my toes).

Yoga poses with English Names

I do, however, use my cane when I need a little extra support for my right leg. Yoga is about flow and balance, and one should never be afraid to use a little help to move on to the next level.  The most important thing is to try. And you can be amazed at what you can accomplish 🙂

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