Weekly Rundown

We had excellent weather last week, that made me just want to get out…out…out! I have to admit, although I am in good spirits with my recovery overall, I felt a twinge or two of envy when I saw runners out and about. Race season has started and I realized I really won’t be doing any this year.  Which means I just need to focus on getting better so I can do some next year!  Or maybe in the Fall?

Speaking of improvements, I took over feeding the horses, much to the gratitude of my husband. They have been very nice to me, not making sudden movements. They seem to like the face rubs too. I think that I will soon be sturdy enough to lunge them.

Monday: my yoga practice, with a few new moves added so that it took 21 minutes. I did a side plank, and tried legs lifts while up there. My right leg is not quite strong enough to hold me while I do lifts with the left leg. But I can do three-point Down Dog, so that’s a good tradeoff.

Tuesday: off. It was planned, as I went to have coffee with a friend.

Wednesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT, my two repetitions of 15. I also did squats, two sets of 10. I feel like the squats are getting deeper, and when I sat in a chair on the porch that night with my husband, I could put my foot flat on the floor with a good bend in my knee! Progress is definitely being made.

Thursday: Treadmill for 10 minutes, and then 18 minutes of Yoga. This is year my week started to go off the rails. My yoga felt fabulous, and I felt loose afterwards. But when I did my standing stretch, grounding my heel while leaning forward and extending my other leg back, stabilizing with my core; I decided that I didn’t need the cane. I had been using the cane to help with this pose, as well as the airplane pose, while on my right leg. I did do it, but I felt it later!

Friday: off, as my leg was not feeling too good. Oops!

Saturday: And, again. I felt great while exercising, and I over did again. I took Daisy for a walk, which was lovely. My goal was roughly 2/3 of a mile (total), on mainly flat road. But we were doing so well when we reached the turn around point, I decided to go up the big hill. Up wasn’t an issue, coming back down was not all that fun. So on the bright side, I walked 1.16 miles. On the pathetic side, it took us 46 minutes.  And I felt it for the rest of the weekend. But I felt great that Daisy and I got out in the sun 🙂

Sunday: Yoga, mostly stretching poses. I decided to stretch out, but really wasn’t up to a rambunctious practice. And we had errand day, so I figured that was enough.

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