Weekly Rundown

As I sit here, mowing through a bag of Lays (Bacon Cheddar Mac N Cheese, which is, oh my goodness, awesome!) I thought maybe I should do my rundown. Kinda remind myself of why I don’t need any more chips.  I don’t even like potato chips! Then I found these….

Monday: 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then some yoga. I am up to 2.5 MPH on the treadmill. My yoga was mainly stretching with some strength poses thrown in, and I did 27 minutes. Not a bad exercise day. I am trying to kick the “just 30 minute” routine.

Tuesday: I took the day off, I had PT in the morning and a bunch of errands to run first. I left the house at 7:30am and got home from work at 8:45pm.

Wednesday: off. I was whipped. And when I say whipped, I mean my legs were shaking by the time I left work at 5:15. That was probably because we were so busy the last couple hours I didn’t get my afternoon snack in. After I ate my peanuts on the way home and dinner with the husband, I felt much better. I did do the PT bending that seems to be making a difference, so I felt pretty good about that. Using Daisy’s leash, I lay on my stomach and bend my knee by pulling on the leash with my hands (the loop end is around my foot).  Then I push against the leash, which strengthens my quad. The biggest problem with this exercise is every time I pick up the leash, Daisy gets excited!

Thursday: 30 minutes on the treadmill, although at 2.2 MPH. I was more concerned with making the 30 minutes than the speed. Then a little of bit (12 minutes) of yoga to finish me off.

Friday: I had PT again, and early–8:30. I managed to sneak in 24 minutes of my weight training by doing just 2 x 15 reps. I was 5 minutes late to PT. Ooops. I planned on walking a bit after PT, but  Mother Nature had other plans–pouring rain.  So I went to the hospital and killed time by reading in the cafeteria with coffee until work started 🙂

Saturday: Yoga day. I did all my strength poses (Yoga II) with only a couple of stretching thrown in at the end. My triangle is much stronger, and I am bendier than I ever have been, I think. Guess that would be a silver lining. I felt twisted (in a great stretchy way) and marvelous afterwards.

Sunday: off from “traditional” exercise. I once more ventured out into the horse paddock to check on the fence. Since I split the pasture, I needed to make sure the right side’s fence was solid before I moved them over. The right side is not as much fun as the left, I was clambering through trees and over divots, climbing rocks and trying not to slide down hills. In all, I think the hour and a half I spent out there could definitely be considered exercise. Later in the day I weedwacked around the house and, while I have a lovely light battery-powered weedwacker, I still think that was exercise too.

There, all done. And I don’t want any more potato chips either!


I feel like I have been struggling to just finish my work week and exercise. I have definitely been missing my Thursday post dates. I realized that perhaps it is because I haven’t read any new articles/blogs on exercise, so I have no new thoughts to put out there

So I will be trying to fit that in as well and then I will be trying to make my Thursday posts…meaningful posts, that is! I feel better about getting through my week, I don’t feel like they will find me asleep at my desk anymore. And my exercise is getting better. I think it is definitely time to expand my capabilities, so that I can get back to where I was before “The Accident” (I feel I should start capitalizing it, it had such an effect on how I run my life!). And then I can perhaps stop talking about “The Accident.” I simply can’t wait til it is just a memory and other things fill my blog  🙂

Weekly Rundown


I have to say, it was a great week! I was very tired after my fencing in the back field on Monday, and for the first time since I started  my 4o hour weeks, I got more energy as the week went on. I feel like I got to choose my days off this week, not having life decide when I had time to exercise. My physical therapist had the week off, so I got to practice on my own 🙂

Monday: I really did overdo it on the weekend, although fencing in the horses was certainly important. I guess cleaning the house was too. Anyway, I took the day off.

Tuesday: I did a mix of my yoga moves, using strength and stretchy poses. It only took 21 minutes, but I felt marvelous afterwards. Nothing picks up a mood like a good yoga session. I fit in  a couple of the moves to increase the bend in my knee too.

Wednesday: Back to the Arm Weights & Leg PT. I was a bit short on time, so I did 2×15 reps, for 35 minutes. I included squats, which is good for my knee, but I sometimes forget to add them in.  Strangely, the session made my knee feel better than it had all week.  Who knew?

Thursday: I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and got up to 2.5MPH. Which is unbearably slow, but so much faster than the 1.5MPH that I had been doing! Afterwards, I stretched out with 16 minutes of yoga.

Friday: I took it off, I had to drive down to see my ortho doctor. Happily, he thinks I am on track and doesn’t need to see me again until February.  He will probably want to take the metal plate out of my knee at that point. No going through TSA checkpoints until then! I did lunge the horses when I got home, which was exciting. Christopher Robin trotted right into the pen I made last weekend, and was such a doll. He remembered all the commands I used last summer and fall. Charby was hiding in the barn and needed to be a chased out and across the mud to the pen. She was not half as cooperative as he was. Mares.

Saturday: I took Daisy for a walk, tackling part of the hill that kicked my butt when I took her out for a mile. I figure I will take it a bite at a time. We did .8 miles in 21 minutes, then I did 15 minutes of yoga. It occurred to me that I could start my drills again, just at a walk instead of a run.  We will see how that goes next week. I will say the pesky mare saw me coming when I went out to feed and trotted right into the pen. Too bad for her I hadn’t planned on working with her! But she can be such a good girl 🙂

Sunday: Arm Weights & Leg PT again. I had plenty of time, so I went back to 3 x 15 reps and it took 51 minutes.  I did some new bending exercises to, but I forgot the squats. Oops.  I also played the horses again. This  time Charby was an angel, she loved getting brushed. A little lead line work and she was done. CR, however, was hiding the barn this time. I guess they just want to keep me on my toes!

All in all, a very good week!

Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by. Where do they go? Last week was pretty nice here, actual spring weather. Then Mother Nature did her usual mean tricks and spritzed snow on us this morning. Argh!

Monday: 20 minutes on the treadmill, and I even got up to 2.0 MPH. Afterwards I followed with 7 minutes of yoga stretching, and felt pretty good about myself 🙂

Tuesday: I upped my Arm Weights and Leg Pt to 3 sets of 15 reps. I added my squats–which I sometimes forget, and a quad raise suggested by my therapist. It took 45 minutes and I couldn’t believe it had taken that long! I followed by 2 minutes of stretching, and my arms definitely felt the increase.

Wednesday: I had PT–we worked on steps and bending my knee. She put me on a bike, and I turned the pedal as far as I could, definitely not able to go all the way around yet. I am up to 65 degrees, but I can’t wait to bend it even more! I took the day off from regular exercise, figuring she pushed my knee enough for one day.

Thursday: worked all day, and so didn’t want to exercise. So I did! I did a mix of my yoga routines and did most of the hard ones. I didn’t hold each one for the full 4 breaths, so it didn’t take as long as I had hoped (23 minutes) but I felt really good afterwards.

Friday: I exercised early, as I had plans for most of the day. I had to be at the mechanic’s at 8, the Physical Therapist’s at 9:30 and work at 11:30. But first I did my Arm Weights and Leg PT, except I didn’t do any exercises that put stress on the right knee. I decided my therapist would do enough to that.

Saturday: Took Daisy out for a little walk (just over a half mile) and didn’t take the cane. The cane is swiftly becoming a nuisance, and sometimes I just walk better without it.  We moved a bit more swiftly, with an average 2.47 MPH.  The horses had gotten out again (although, the fence was pulled into the paddock, so I figure it isn’t them) and I spent an hour fencing out in the back field. Then I took a half hour and finally brushed those beasties. Poor babies, the ticks have been at them this spring already.   But they loved getting brushed, Charbie definitely looked happy with the attention.

Sunday: Errands in the morning and then more fencing.  I had decided that it made sense to split the pasture so half could grow while the horses ate the other half, and then switch every couple of weeks.  So I went out for an hour or so and put up that fence.  I didn’t do any “normal” exercise, but I think I did enough for the weekend. Plus, then I did the house work: dishes, vacuuming, laundry.  At this point, that is still a workout!


Weekly Rundown

Another week. And more progress! Although it is minute progress, and hard to explain to anyone without my knee attached to them. Also, boring to hear me going on about why this hurt last time I did it, but not this time 😉 I started PT this week, finally, which I think is going to be a great help. This was also my first 40 hour week at work, and that went surprisingly well too.

Monday: off, planned.

Tuesday: Yoga I. I snuck this one in, I seemed kinda tired this week. Perhaps because it was cloudy and rainy all week? So my yoga was only 16 minutes, but I did try to make each pose count.

Wednesday: I took the day off because it was my first PT day and I wasn’t sure what they would make me do. Plus, my appointment was at 8:30 in the morning. She didn’t make me do anything horribly painful (yay), and I liked her (double yay).  Apparently I have made progress, instead of bending my leg at 50 degrees, I can do 60 and 70 with a towel. I was pretty happy to learn that, I wasn’t sure I had made any progress with the bend at all. I don’t think we did enough to really consider it exercise, but it was a good start.

Thursday: off. Unplanned, but life interfered. I worked a day shift and–sadly–was planning on exercising when I got home. I have to admit to not having a great deal of enthusiasm, but I was planning on doing it. My hubby needed me to go to town that night however, so that plan got tanked. I think I probably had a better time anyway!

Friday: My Arm Weight and Leg PT. I added a few moves in the therapist gave me, and felt pretty darn good when I finished. The entire session took  33 minutes, which is only a few moments longer than normal.

Saturday: yoga III. What is yoga III you ask? I decided to blend some of the poses from yoga I and yoga II to make the practice last a bit longer.  I even managed Triangle!  I held each pose for 5 full breaths, and the practice took 30 minutes, which made me a lot happier than 18 minutes.

Sunday: off. Again unplanned, but my leg was feeling it by the time I got around to thinking about exercise. I went out to help my husband with some rock hunting in the horse pasture, and also took a brief trip around the back field (since I was out there) to look for the pony’s blanket that he managed to shed. I think it is in a tree somewhere, carefully stuffed in by a pony’s nose as I can’t find it anywhere. Then we went out for errands (which involved a bit of walking). Not to mention the house cleaning I did when I got home. I didn’t get lunch until 1:40 and by the time I got on the couch, my leg felt pretty sad, so I skipped the exercise.

Weekly Rundown

It was a busy week, but quite satisfying. I can do so much more with my leg. I can’t seem to get it bend more (still stuck at a 50 degree maximum), but I can walk more, bend it at will, and it no longer hurts to turn on it.

Monday: the Arm Weights and Leg PT. I increased my reps, but did a few less per rep; I still ended up with an increase 🙂 Three sets of twelve, rather than two of fifteen. I didn’t really have much of an issue finishing them, so maybe three of fifteen soon?

Tuesday: off. Seems to be my normal day off now. I had to take the car to the mechanics before work, so it was planned. And I even got to work early!

Wednesday: Treadmill and yoga. Ten minutes on the treadmill at a bit faster pace, and 18 minutes of Yoga I. The exciting thing that happened was when I went out to feed the horses and they weren’t waiting….when I called and called, I heard my neighbor’s voice floating down saying they were up there. Now, I am walking much more. And I am more stable. But the idea of dragging two horses down the road–after walking up–was a bit overwhelming. Still, I opened the gate where I had just put the hay, grabbed a lead and bucket with some grain and headed up. I love Christopher Robin. Just want to get that out there. Charby would have made me walk all the way up there, but I was about a third of the way up when he came charging out into the road, and flew down and ran right into the barnyard. Charby was only a few paces behind. They ran right past me, checked out the hay, went into the barn looking for breakfast and came back to the hay. I got there just in time to prevent another escape when they decided the hay wasn’t good enough.

Thursday: Another set of Arm Weights and Leg PT, with two sets of twelve squats thrown in. Squats take a lot of focus, pushing down through my heels and being balanced on both legs. Not to mention trying to bend the knee itself.

Friday: Treadmill for 10 minutes and Yoga II for 20 minutes. I have been scouring the internet for poses I can do without bending  my knee too much.  So now I tried both Tree and Triangle. Tree was fine, with my knee just bent and my toes on the floor for both legs.  But Triangle was very difficult, leaning over my  right leg. Generally I hold my poses for four full breaths, but not Triangle. I was feeling it for the rest of the day. But I will get there!

Saturday: My first day since the accident that my step-counter went over 10,000!! Daisy and I went for a walk on the road again. This time I set a goal and stuck to it, so we went .87 mile in 26 minutes. I was faster this time too, so that made me feel better.  We went to the right out the driveway, which was my “80% uphill run” path. Going up was much easier than coming down. Especially with Daisy being excited about the neighbors. I think I could probably go even faster without her, but where is the fun in that?

Sunday: The horses have been stuck in the barnyard all week, so I decided I better fix the fence so they could go out back. The line was down all along the hill above  the riding ring.  I felt like I was working pretty hard with all the uneven ground and going up and down the hill getting the fence untangled and put back up. I climbed all the way to the top to check that out to, and now I understand why Charby never likes it when I make her climb the hill when I ride. The trip back down is not fun! I rested a while afterwards, them my husband offered to help with the drainage in the barnyard. So I was busy cleaning my tackroom and the stall while he was out there, helping when I could. Afterwards, I decided I better do some yoga to stretch out–Yoga I for 18 minutes. And I slept so well that night 🙂