Weekly Rundown

It was a busy week, but quite satisfying. I can do so much more with my leg. I can’t seem to get it bend more (still stuck at a 50 degree maximum), but I can walk more, bend it at will, and it no longer hurts to turn on it.

Monday: the Arm Weights and Leg PT. I increased my reps, but did a few less per rep; I still ended up with an increase 🙂 Three sets of twelve, rather than two of fifteen. I didn’t really have much of an issue finishing them, so maybe three of fifteen soon?

Tuesday: off. Seems to be my normal day off now. I had to take the car to the mechanics before work, so it was planned. And I even got to work early!

Wednesday: Treadmill and yoga. Ten minutes on the treadmill at a bit faster pace, and 18 minutes of Yoga I. The exciting thing that happened was when I went out to feed the horses and they weren’t waiting….when I called and called, I heard my neighbor’s voice floating down saying they were up there. Now, I am walking much more. And I am more stable. But the idea of dragging two horses down the road–after walking up–was a bit overwhelming. Still, I opened the gate where I had just put the hay, grabbed a lead and bucket with some grain and headed up. I love Christopher Robin. Just want to get that out there. Charby would have made me walk all the way up there, but I was about a third of the way up when he came charging out into the road, and flew down and ran right into the barnyard. Charby was only a few paces behind. They ran right past me, checked out the hay, went into the barn looking for breakfast and came back to the hay. I got there just in time to prevent another escape when they decided the hay wasn’t good enough.

Thursday: Another set of Arm Weights and Leg PT, with two sets of twelve squats thrown in. Squats take a lot of focus, pushing down through my heels and being balanced on both legs. Not to mention trying to bend the knee itself.

Friday: Treadmill for 10 minutes and Yoga II for 20 minutes. I have been scouring the internet for poses I can do without bending  my knee too much.  So now I tried both Tree and Triangle. Tree was fine, with my knee just bent and my toes on the floor for both legs.  But Triangle was very difficult, leaning over my  right leg. Generally I hold my poses for four full breaths, but not Triangle. I was feeling it for the rest of the day. But I will get there!

Saturday: My first day since the accident that my step-counter went over 10,000!! Daisy and I went for a walk on the road again. This time I set a goal and stuck to it, so we went .87 mile in 26 minutes. I was faster this time too, so that made me feel better.  We went to the right out the driveway, which was my “80% uphill run” path. Going up was much easier than coming down. Especially with Daisy being excited about the neighbors. I think I could probably go even faster without her, but where is the fun in that?

Sunday: The horses have been stuck in the barnyard all week, so I decided I better fix the fence so they could go out back. The line was down all along the hill above  the riding ring.  I felt like I was working pretty hard with all the uneven ground and going up and down the hill getting the fence untangled and put back up. I climbed all the way to the top to check that out to, and now I understand why Charby never likes it when I make her climb the hill when I ride. The trip back down is not fun! I rested a while afterwards, them my husband offered to help with the drainage in the barnyard. So I was busy cleaning my tackroom and the stall while he was out there, helping when I could. Afterwards, I decided I better do some yoga to stretch out–Yoga I for 18 minutes. And I slept so well that night 🙂

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