Weekly Rundown

Another week. And more progress! Although it is minute progress, and hard to explain to anyone without my knee attached to them. Also, boring to hear me going on about why this hurt last time I did it, but not this time 😉 I started PT this week, finally, which I think is going to be a great help. This was also my first 40 hour week at work, and that went surprisingly well too.

Monday: off, planned.

Tuesday: Yoga I. I snuck this one in, I seemed kinda tired this week. Perhaps because it was cloudy and rainy all week? So my yoga was only 16 minutes, but I did try to make each pose count.

Wednesday: I took the day off because it was my first PT day and I wasn’t sure what they would make me do. Plus, my appointment was at 8:30 in the morning. She didn’t make me do anything horribly painful (yay), and I liked her (double yay).  Apparently I have made progress, instead of bending my leg at 50 degrees, I can do 60 and 70 with a towel. I was pretty happy to learn that, I wasn’t sure I had made any progress with the bend at all. I don’t think we did enough to really consider it exercise, but it was a good start.

Thursday: off. Unplanned, but life interfered. I worked a day shift and–sadly–was planning on exercising when I got home. I have to admit to not having a great deal of enthusiasm, but I was planning on doing it. My hubby needed me to go to town that night however, so that plan got tanked. I think I probably had a better time anyway!

Friday: My Arm Weight and Leg PT. I added a few moves in the therapist gave me, and felt pretty darn good when I finished. The entire session took  33 minutes, which is only a few moments longer than normal.

Saturday: yoga III. What is yoga III you ask? I decided to blend some of the poses from yoga I and yoga II to make the practice last a bit longer.  I even managed Triangle!  I held each pose for 5 full breaths, and the practice took 30 minutes, which made me a lot happier than 18 minutes.

Sunday: off. Again unplanned, but my leg was feeling it by the time I got around to thinking about exercise. I went out to help my husband with some rock hunting in the horse pasture, and also took a brief trip around the back field (since I was out there) to look for the pony’s blanket that he managed to shed. I think it is in a tree somewhere, carefully stuffed in by a pony’s nose as I can’t find it anywhere. Then we went out for errands (which involved a bit of walking). Not to mention the house cleaning I did when I got home. I didn’t get lunch until 1:40 and by the time I got on the couch, my leg felt pretty sad, so I skipped the exercise.


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