Weekly Rundown


I have to say, it was a great week! I was very tired after my fencing in the back field on Monday, and for the first time since I started  my 4o hour weeks, I got more energy as the week went on. I feel like I got to choose my days off this week, not having life decide when I had time to exercise. My physical therapist had the week off, so I got to practice on my own 🙂

Monday: I really did overdo it on the weekend, although fencing in the horses was certainly important. I guess cleaning the house was too. Anyway, I took the day off.

Tuesday: I did a mix of my yoga moves, using strength and stretchy poses. It only took 21 minutes, but I felt marvelous afterwards. Nothing picks up a mood like a good yoga session. I fit in  a couple of the moves to increase the bend in my knee too.

Wednesday: Back to the Arm Weights & Leg PT. I was a bit short on time, so I did 2×15 reps, for 35 minutes. I included squats, which is good for my knee, but I sometimes forget to add them in.  Strangely, the session made my knee feel better than it had all week.  Who knew?

Thursday: I did 20 minutes on the treadmill, and got up to 2.5MPH. Which is unbearably slow, but so much faster than the 1.5MPH that I had been doing! Afterwards, I stretched out with 16 minutes of yoga.

Friday: I took it off, I had to drive down to see my ortho doctor. Happily, he thinks I am on track and doesn’t need to see me again until February.  He will probably want to take the metal plate out of my knee at that point. No going through TSA checkpoints until then! I did lunge the horses when I got home, which was exciting. Christopher Robin trotted right into the pen I made last weekend, and was such a doll. He remembered all the commands I used last summer and fall. Charby was hiding in the barn and needed to be a chased out and across the mud to the pen. She was not half as cooperative as he was. Mares.

Saturday: I took Daisy for a walk, tackling part of the hill that kicked my butt when I took her out for a mile. I figure I will take it a bite at a time. We did .8 miles in 21 minutes, then I did 15 minutes of yoga. It occurred to me that I could start my drills again, just at a walk instead of a run.  We will see how that goes next week. I will say the pesky mare saw me coming when I went out to feed and trotted right into the pen. Too bad for her I hadn’t planned on working with her! But she can be such a good girl 🙂

Sunday: Arm Weights & Leg PT again. I had plenty of time, so I went back to 3 x 15 reps and it took 51 minutes.  I did some new bending exercises to, but I forgot the squats. Oops.  I also played the horses again. This  time Charby was an angel, she loved getting brushed. A little lead line work and she was done. CR, however, was hiding the barn this time. I guess they just want to keep me on my toes!

All in all, a very good week!

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