I feel like I have been struggling to just finish my work week and exercise. I have definitely been missing my Thursday post dates. I realized that perhaps it is because I haven’t read any new articles/blogs on exercise, so I have no new thoughts to put out there

So I will be trying to fit that in as well and then I will be trying to make my Thursday posts…meaningful posts, that is! I feel better about getting through my week, I don’t feel like they will find me asleep at my desk anymore. And my exercise is getting better. I think it is definitely time to expand my capabilities, so that I can get back to where I was before “The Accident” (I feel I should start capitalizing it, it had such an effect on how I run my life!). And then I can perhaps stop talking about “The Accident.” I simply can’t wait til it is just a memory and other things fill my blog  🙂

2 thoughts on “thoughts

  1. I know the feeling about having an event that feels like an actual “thing”. My blog hasn’t had much added to it since mom’s death, and when I do write it’s normally to her. I’m getting better, and I know eventually my improvement will reflect in my writing. But “The Day” is still really fresh for me, and since that’s where I’m at, that’s what’s reflected in my thoughts, and writing when I have it in me to do it.

    Don’t worry about “meaningful” or whatever other words are out there. If you like your post then it’s a good post. I know I love reading them. ^^

    You’re doing great, Sam. Keep being you because you’re awesome. : )


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