Weekly Rundown

As I sit here, mowing through a bag of Lays (Bacon Cheddar Mac N Cheese, which is, oh my goodness, awesome!) I thought maybe I should do my rundown. Kinda remind myself of why I don’t need any more chips.  I don’t even like potato chips! Then I found these….

Monday: 20 minutes on the treadmill, and then some yoga. I am up to 2.5 MPH on the treadmill. My yoga was mainly stretching with some strength poses thrown in, and I did 27 minutes. Not a bad exercise day. I am trying to kick the “just 30 minute” routine.

Tuesday: I took the day off, I had PT in the morning and a bunch of errands to run first. I left the house at 7:30am and got home from work at 8:45pm.

Wednesday: off. I was whipped. And when I say whipped, I mean my legs were shaking by the time I left work at 5:15. That was probably because we were so busy the last couple hours I didn’t get my afternoon snack in. After I ate my peanuts on the way home and dinner with the husband, I felt much better. I did do the PT bending that seems to be making a difference, so I felt pretty good about that. Using Daisy’s leash, I lay on my stomach and bend my knee by pulling on the leash with my hands (the loop end is around my foot).  Then I push against the leash, which strengthens my quad. The biggest problem with this exercise is every time I pick up the leash, Daisy gets excited!

Thursday: 30 minutes on the treadmill, although at 2.2 MPH. I was more concerned with making the 30 minutes than the speed. Then a little of bit (12 minutes) of yoga to finish me off.

Friday: I had PT again, and early–8:30. I managed to sneak in 24 minutes of my weight training by doing just 2 x 15 reps. I was 5 minutes late to PT. Ooops. I planned on walking a bit after PT, but  Mother Nature had other plans–pouring rain.  So I went to the hospital and killed time by reading in the cafeteria with coffee until work started 🙂

Saturday: Yoga day. I did all my strength poses (Yoga II) with only a couple of stretching thrown in at the end. My triangle is much stronger, and I am bendier than I ever have been, I think. Guess that would be a silver lining. I felt twisted (in a great stretchy way) and marvelous afterwards.

Sunday: off from “traditional” exercise. I once more ventured out into the horse paddock to check on the fence. Since I split the pasture, I needed to make sure the right side’s fence was solid before I moved them over. The right side is not as much fun as the left, I was clambering through trees and over divots, climbing rocks and trying not to slide down hills. In all, I think the hour and a half I spent out there could definitely be considered exercise. Later in the day I weedwacked around the house and, while I have a lovely light battery-powered weedwacker, I still think that was exercise too.

There, all done. And I don’t want any more potato chips either!

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