Weekly Rundown

Another week! And almost July. Hard to believe. It was a good week, I got a lot done. Unfortunately, I didn’t increase my bend at all. But I have a lot more maneuverability.  So I will be happy with that! And it is getting stronger–when I had to step back on my right leg unexpectedly, I didn’t fall on my butt. Always a good thing!!

Monday: A quick session of Arm Weights and Leg Pt, just 2 X 15 reps.  It took 24 minutes, but I managed to get in some of the leg bending with a line to push my knee a bit.

Tuesday: Yoga and Physical Therapy day.  24 was my magic number this week, as I did that many minutes of yoga too.  I stretched out nicely, then was off for 30 minutes in the pool.  Still loving being in the water, although I am not quite as hungry afterwards, so I must be getting used to the exercise.

Wednesday: A day off, with absolutely no guilt 🙂

Thursday: More Arm Legs and Weight Training. I did 3 x 15 reps, and added calf raises as well.  When I tried to skip as part of my drills, my right calf just refused to push me off.  I suspect the landing wouldn’t be much fun either, but I need to try. So I am working on strengthening my calf, so next time I can launch.

Friday:  Yoga and Physical Therapy, again. The two do seem to go together well.

Saturday:  a wonderful day.  I went to the beach in the morning, and lazed about on the sand. We did take a nice walk through the lagoon–where the water was actually warm enough to brave. The ocean was 64, which seems a bit chill to me. Then it was off to errands, hay for the horses and food for our BBQ the next day. Even with lazing on the sand, I managed to walk over 14,000 steps!

Sunday: whew. It was quite busy, with planting tomatoes in the morning, then cleaning the house and  putting away the laundry.  I made the horses do some work, lunging each of them. It is nice and shady where I work them, so I feel no guilt on making them canter. No matter how many reproachful looks I get. I took a 1.3 mile walk after that, and cut another 15 seconds off my 1 mile time.  Then our friends came over and enjoyed some BBQed chicken with us. Oddly enough, I slept very well that night 😉

Weekly Rundown

A rather good week, with a lot going on.

Monday: off after a busy weekend

Tuesday: yoga, then PT. The yoga felt great. However, getting to PT actually caused a bit of road rage. I planned for the roadwork I knew about, but there was three more! And then I got behind someone who was scared to go more than 35 in the  45MPH zone.  I ended up being 5 minutes late to PT, so we worked in the gym instead of the pool.

Wednesday: another day off. I worked the day shift, and by the time I got home, I had no energy left. I did do some of my knee bends with the line. I hadn’t gained any degrees with my knee Tuesday at PT, which simply made me more determined to have an increase next week!

Thursday: A marvelous day. I did a 29 minute walk with Daisy as a warm up, then did some of my drills to increase my knee mobility–high knees, butt kicks, grapevines, walking backwards and skipping.  Afterwards I did more of the knee bending with the line, and finished up with 5 minutes of yoga stretching.

Friday: I had a bit of the time crunch, so I did a quick 10 minutes of yoga, focusing on strength poses.  I went to PT again, and this time we did 25 minutes in the pool. I did remember to bring food, as I am always famished when I get out of the pool!

Saturday: another great day. After running some errands early, I came home and planted my vegetable garden. A bit late this year, but I feel I have a good excuse! I will admit to a short nap, then I did my Arm Weights and Leg PT, which took a good 40 minutes. I finished up with a 60 second plank and the leg bends with a line.

Sunday: another busy day. I weeded some flower gardens in the morning, then went out to breakfast with my husband. After some errands, I made the horses work a bit, lunging them. I am working them together, which works great going one way, but when I have them reverse direction, they get all confused. It did work better than the last time, so we are making  progress. Then I went for my first two-mile walk! I managed to cut 45 seconds off my first mile versus my walk last week. And I felt fine afterward. Even cleaned out my car, fed the beasties and made dinner. And slept sooooo well 🙂

Water Therapy

I’ve had two water therapies  now.  And I enjoy it immensely.

The pool itself is rather small–if  Michael Phelps  did a flip and push-off at one end he would probably  hit his head on the other before he could start swimming. And if he dove off one side going across, he would probably land on the other side of the pool!

Of course I don’t need an olympic size pool, as I am not all that big. The pool isn’t too deep, but if one is as short as I am, one can’t do a proper squat in it. As soon as my knees bend, my chin sinks into the water. Generally I have to stand on the steps to do the knee bending during our sessions.

The water is lovely and warm–rather like walking into a bath. The exercises seem so easy while I am in the pool. But my leg definitely feels it afterwards. I didn’t get any increase in bending this week– 😦 — but my leg is stronger, so I guess we have to go with that.

And I am so hungry afterwards! The first time I considered it  a fluke. The second time I was tearing my car apart looking for food. The next time I will bring a healthy snack, knowing I will by dying for it!



Weekly Rundown

I seem to be running (no pun intended) a day behind this week on both blogs. I guess that’s better than two days behind! Last week was a good week, I managed to do two days of yoga, two of weight training, an excellent walk and more pool therapy. And not too many naps 😉

Monday: 20 minutes of yoga. I did mostly strength poses, and–as always–felt marvelously stretched out afterwards.

Tuesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT. I had physical therapy, and that always makes my mornings a bit shorter, so I did 2 x 15 reps. We worked in the gym, and my knee now bends to 87 degrees. Degree by degree, we are getting there!

Wednesday: the mid-week slump! I took the day off, gratefully 🙂

Thursday: I took a walk without Daisy. I love my puppy; but going downhill, even with her little 14lbs, can be unsettling.  I went for speed, since no one had to stop and sniff, and managed a mile in 19 minutes. And the hills were much easier. When I got home, I did 7 minutes of stretching. I felt really chuffed that I had walked that fast, especially when I started out doing 46 minute miles! I think Daisy was waiting for me, instead of me waiting while she sniffed.

Friday: 17 minutes of yoga, with knee bending! I am trying more poses with knee bends, and although I am not able to get into them deeply, I can do a classic “runner’s stretch”–knee bent forward with hands on either side of the foot and the other leg stretched behind. Not quite ready for Warrior I, but I will be.

Saturday: a day off. I did have a lovely 3 hour nap in the morning, and then a graduation party in the afternoon.

Sunday: ah, busyiness! We needed to take down some trees in the barnyard area, so I helped. First time I went out with the husband to do such a task. I had to take the fence down so the trees  didn’t kill it, and then put it back up. And collect the branches littered all over the barnyard. One might think the horses would be concerned with trees falling in their area. One might be wrong! They had their hay and looked over occasionally to see what those crazy humans were doing, but had no concern about the noise or falling debris. Then I had to run to town for groceries, and do some house cleaning. I had to go back out (after a short nap) to put a final fence back up, and then I did my Arm Weights and Leg Pt, 3 x 15 reps. And, yes, I did sleep very well Sunday night 🙂

Weekly Rundown


Another week has flown by.  Wow. And more improvement has been made. On Thursday I realized I don’t have to put my car seat back to get my right leg out. Whoo-hoo! And I walked up the stairs from the first floor to the third floor (properly) Thursday night at work.

Monday: Arm wts and Leg PT. I did 3 x 15 reps, and made my leg feel much better. Whenever my leg starts to feel iffy, I find doing these exercises makes it feel better. Odd, since they are so much work! I did squats, as well as the knee bends with a line, and felt really good when I finished.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: I took to the treadmill, 25 minutes at 2.2MPH. It was a bit short, I ran out of time.  I didn’t have any time to add the yoga to stretch out either, but I felt good that I got the treadmill in.

Thursday: Daisy and I re-walked the mile that took us 46  minutes a month or so ago. This time it took us 25 minutes 🙂 With the walk and work, I hit 12,946 steps! Between getting my leg out without moving the car seat and walking up stairs, Thursday was a very good day.

Friday: my first water therapy. It was great. I truly do love being in water. I have to say, however, that water therapy is harder than my regular therapy. As much as I felt like I was floating, my leg hurt more after the pool. Just enough to make me feel like I really worked it. I look forward to more!

Saturday: off. I had a 2 hour work meeting, then a party in the afternoon. And I was beat in the morning, have to admit to a nap on the couch! Although I ate enough at the party that I would have felt better had I exercised, it was a nice day off.

Sunday: I planned on not doing much after my running around on Saturday. So I took Daisy for a walk, only the other way.  It was 1.42 miles in 35 minutes, which I thought was pretty good. Then I tried my drills–marching, grape-vine, butt kicks, skipping and walking backwards. I did short lengths, and managed to do them pretty well. Afterwards I cleaned out a small garden, and lunged my horses. Then a heck of a nap was taken with both dogs on the couch 🙂

Friday is the day…

I start water therapy with my PT tomorrow. Every time I went to see my ortho doc, he asked if I had been in a pool yet. So I finally asked my therapist if that was a possibility.  And it was.

I love water. I love swimming, boating, showering, pretty much anything one can do in water. I am not terribly good at swimming (swim team not withstanding), but I can float for hours. You don’t wanna know how long I stay in the shower.

But I admit to being worried as to what she will make me do in the water. I rather doubt I will get to just float!