Weekly Rundown

I seem to be running (no pun intended) a day behind this week on both blogs. I guess that’s better than two days behind! Last week was a good week, I managed to do two days of yoga, two of weight training, an excellent walk and more pool therapy. And not too many naps 😉

Monday: 20 minutes of yoga. I did mostly strength poses, and–as always–felt marvelously stretched out afterwards.

Tuesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT. I had physical therapy, and that always makes my mornings a bit shorter, so I did 2 x 15 reps. We worked in the gym, and my knee now bends to 87 degrees. Degree by degree, we are getting there!

Wednesday: the mid-week slump! I took the day off, gratefully 🙂

Thursday: I took a walk without Daisy. I love my puppy; but going downhill, even with her little 14lbs, can be unsettling.  I went for speed, since no one had to stop and sniff, and managed a mile in 19 minutes. And the hills were much easier. When I got home, I did 7 minutes of stretching. I felt really chuffed that I had walked that fast, especially when I started out doing 46 minute miles! I think Daisy was waiting for me, instead of me waiting while she sniffed.

Friday: 17 minutes of yoga, with knee bending! I am trying more poses with knee bends, and although I am not able to get into them deeply, I can do a classic “runner’s stretch”–knee bent forward with hands on either side of the foot and the other leg stretched behind. Not quite ready for Warrior I, but I will be.

Saturday: a day off. I did have a lovely 3 hour nap in the morning, and then a graduation party in the afternoon.

Sunday: ah, busyiness! We needed to take down some trees in the barnyard area, so I helped. First time I went out with the husband to do such a task. I had to take the fence down so the trees  didn’t kill it, and then put it back up. And collect the branches littered all over the barnyard. One might think the horses would be concerned with trees falling in their area. One might be wrong! They had their hay and looked over occasionally to see what those crazy humans were doing, but had no concern about the noise or falling debris. Then I had to run to town for groceries, and do some house cleaning. I had to go back out (after a short nap) to put a final fence back up, and then I did my Arm Weights and Leg Pt, 3 x 15 reps. And, yes, I did sleep very well Sunday night 🙂

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