Water Therapy

I’ve had two water therapies  now.  And I enjoy it immensely.

The pool itself is rather small–if  Michael Phelps  did a flip and push-off at one end he would probably  hit his head on the other before he could start swimming. And if he dove off one side going across, he would probably land on the other side of the pool!

Of course I don’t need an olympic size pool, as I am not all that big. The pool isn’t too deep, but if one is as short as I am, one can’t do a proper squat in it. As soon as my knees bend, my chin sinks into the water. Generally I have to stand on the steps to do the knee bending during our sessions.

The water is lovely and warm–rather like walking into a bath. The exercises seem so easy while I am in the pool. But my leg definitely feels it afterwards. I didn’t get any increase in bending this week– 😦 — but my leg is stronger, so I guess we have to go with that.

And I am so hungry afterwards! The first time I considered it  a fluke. The second time I was tearing my car apart looking for food. The next time I will bring a healthy snack, knowing I will by dying for it!



3 thoughts on “Water Therapy

  1. Sounds like things are going swimmingly… XD

    Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I’m so glad it sounds like things are going well. Stronger is better. Flexibility will come. Keep it up, Sam!


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