Weekly Rundown

A rather good week, with a lot going on.

Monday: off after a busy weekend

Tuesday: yoga, then PT. The yoga felt great. However, getting to PT actually caused a bit of road rage. I planned for the roadwork I knew about, but there was three more! And then I got behind someone who was scared to go more than 35 in the  45MPH zone.  I ended up being 5 minutes late to PT, so we worked in the gym instead of the pool.

Wednesday: another day off. I worked the day shift, and by the time I got home, I had no energy left. I did do some of my knee bends with the line. I hadn’t gained any degrees with my knee Tuesday at PT, which simply made me more determined to have an increase next week!

Thursday: A marvelous day. I did a 29 minute walk with Daisy as a warm up, then did some of my drills to increase my knee mobility–high knees, butt kicks, grapevines, walking backwards and skipping.  Afterwards I did more of the knee bending with the line, and finished up with 5 minutes of yoga stretching.

Friday: I had a bit of the time crunch, so I did a quick 10 minutes of yoga, focusing on strength poses.  I went to PT again, and this time we did 25 minutes in the pool. I did remember to bring food, as I am always famished when I get out of the pool!

Saturday: another great day. After running some errands early, I came home and planted my vegetable garden. A bit late this year, but I feel I have a good excuse! I will admit to a short nap, then I did my Arm Weights and Leg PT, which took a good 40 minutes. I finished up with a 60 second plank and the leg bends with a line.

Sunday: another busy day. I weeded some flower gardens in the morning, then went out to breakfast with my husband. After some errands, I made the horses work a bit, lunging them. I am working them together, which works great going one way, but when I have them reverse direction, they get all confused. It did work better than the last time, so we are making  progress. Then I went for my first two-mile walk! I managed to cut 45 seconds off my first mile versus my walk last week. And I felt fine afterward. Even cleaned out my car, fed the beasties and made dinner. And slept sooooo well 🙂

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