Weekly Rundown

Another week flown by! It needs to slow down or I feel like I will just miss summer. I think it is the 2 months I was out after the accident-I feel like it should be May, not July 🙂 But I am loving our weather right now!

Monday: Arm Weights and Leg PT, 3 x15 reps. Took about 35 minutes. When I first started 3×15 reps, it took 50 or more minutes. I guess I am not taking as long a breather between reps. Might be time to add another rep. I also got on Charby for some work out in the driveway for 15 minutes. She was not quite as lovey as she had been the day before–apparently, she realized that work might become a common occurence!

Tuesday: Yoga for 25 minutes. After the weights and riding the previous day, I focused more on stretching poses than strength. It felt marvelous 🙂

Wednesday: I did the Arm Weights and Leg PT again, adding in 3 x 15 heel raises (on stairs) and squats. At the end I did a 1.12 minute plank. I have been ending my sessions with a plank and trying to increase my endurance each time.  One of my friends challenged us to  Four Week Plank Challenge (on my Drills page) and I am not terribly good at doing it everyday, but I am making an effort to increase my endurance and hold my planks longer. I also took the time before work to lunge Mr. Christopher Robin, and he did a great job paying attention and being a good pony.

Thursday: an unexpected walk. I had actually planned on taking the day off since I was going for a walk with my friend. We usually amble along and don’t go very far. We hit the rail trail in Augusta to start and– 81 minutes later–had managed to walk 4.06 miles! It was my first walk beyond 2 miles and I was very happy that it didn’t bother me at all. At the time. I did stiffen up quickly at work that day whenever I sat, but moving around made it feel better immediately.

Friday: I really did take it off.  Well, except for going out to help my husband in the Christmas tree lot, where I weedwacked and weeded for about 45 minutes. The poor little trees (we only planted 2 years ago) had hay growing around them. It was my first time out there, and my husband hadn’t been out there much either with all that was going on this year. They were some happy little trees, however. Especially after we freed them from the weeds.

Saturday: a bit more stretchy yoga, as I felt that is what I needed most this week. I did go out to weed around more of the trees and also wandered around the horse pasture spreading some grass seed. I hope it took. It was a cloudy, rainy weekend; so I have great hopes of it coming up. And of maybe some of the grass already out there growing, since it needed rain desperately.

Sunday:  House cleaning! Between the party we are having in 2 weeks and the company I had coming for dinner, we did some intense house cleaning. And exterior cleaning as well. I did lunge the horses (both of them), but didn’t have time to squeeze in a ride. I also made myself do the Arm Weights and Leg PT, but only 2 x 15 reps.

PS: so I had a plan yesterday, I wrote this in the morning, and was going to come home and reread so I could post. That plan did not take into account the deer that leapt in front of me on the way home last night. Don’t know if he was dared to beat me across the road, but he really should have reconsidered. He made it off into the woods, and I am fine, but my Tribeca looks like she was punched in the nose. By the time we were done with police and got home, I have to admit posting was last thing on my mind.


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