Weekly Rundown

Another week flashes by. I think I got to enjoy this week a little bit, however. It was a mix of hot sunny days and much needed rainy days. I had my last PT checkup, and she released me back into the wild. I just need to keep exercising and pushing the bend in my leg.

Monday: off. But I went down the stairs at work properly; that is, one foot stepping down to each stair instead of stepping down with my left and just bringing the right to the same step. It wasn’t graceful, but it was done!

Tuesday: a yoga day 🙂 I did both stretch and strengthening poses. I even got into Warrior I and held it for two breaths.

 I doubt it looked this good, but I am just happy that my leg is strong enough to hold.
I went down three flights of stairs at work again, and my leg felt it by the bottom.  But it held up, and that’s what matters.

Wednesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT exercises.  Took about 40 minutes since I was trying to do each lift slower to make it work harder.  I also did 1 x 10 step raises with my right leg; where I put my right foot on the higher step and lifted myself with that leg. At the end of the session, I increased my plank to 1m 23s.

Thursday: yoga again. I went out on the deck to enjoy the weather. It was humid and about 80, so I was glad I was in the shade.  Since I had been doing poses with a bent knee, I tried doing one of the video (from memory) routines I used to do.  I did it fairly well, which made me feel pretty good about my progress.

Friday: off. I had my final check up with my PT therapist, but I wouldn’t call it exercise! I did do a lot of stairs at work this week, going both up and down whenever possible. Which it was a LOT!

Saturday: Leg PT.  I did a full 3 x 15  session, but I skipped the arm weights since I spent an hour sanding the deck with an orbital sander. I thought that might be enough for my arms for  one day. I also moved brush later in the evening to clean up around our new outdoor kitchen my husband built.

Sunday: off again. Although, after moving and raking sand in front of the barn so it won’t (hopefully) be so  muddy for the horses; and cleaning our library from top to bottom (including climbing on chairs and bureaus), I am not so sure it was really off.


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