Weekly Rundown

Another week! Summer is going so fast. I know I have said that before, but come on: it’s August! Weather has settled a bit in our corner of the world, and I got outside a lot last week.

Monday: Arm Wts and Leg PT. I followed up on my suggestion, and increased reps. I cheated, however, and did less per rep–4 x 10. So in the end I was doing more, I just felt better by not adding a whole rep. Sometimes I gotta trick myself.

Tuesday: a walk with my friend Kate. We did 4 miles on the rail trail again, with an average speed of 2.83MPH. We like to stop and smell the flowers occasionally 🙂

Wednesday: Arm Wts and Leg PT again. Still did the 4 x 10, plus I have been doing “steps” to strengthen my right leg: I put my foot on the stair above me and step up then lower back down 10 times. That sounds easy, but somehow 10 is definitely enough.

Thursday: off. It occurred to me that I hadn’t taken a day off yet, and as I had no motivation, I thought this would be a good day.

Friday: 22 minutes of yoga. I did mostly stretching out poses, I figured that would probably be the best with all the work I had been doing. It felt wonderful, as always. I can’t imagine life without yoga!

Saturday: Another walk with Kate. We started at the other end of the Rail Trail, and did 4 miles again. Less shade at this end, which we definitely noticed on the way back. But it runs along the river, and is so very beautiful 🙂

Sunday: almost a day off. Went out with the hubby to the coast, we took a walk along the beach and then wandered around town before having lunch at our fav restaurant.  We were both surprised by how many steps we didn’t do–only around 5000 for the trip. Aparently we spent a lot of time standing and looking at the water while at the beach.

When we got home, I relaxed for a bit then went out and lunged the horses. I took the fly sheets off to see how they were looking and, surprise, the pony was white again! He had a heavy white coat he shed out in spring and was about the same dark bay as Charbie. So I was quite surprised to see a white back with a few little dots. Apparently he thinks he should be an Appaloosa!

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