Weekly Rundown

I made my blog name come true again!!

Monday: Treadmill came out of the mothballs. I did 23 minutes at 3 MPH walking, then I thought, well? My doctor said he would be ok with me running in August. And it was August 1st. So I ran 3 minutes. It was gimpy, and I slowed the treadmill to about 2.3 MPH, but I RAN! We were worried about how much it would hurt, if I had enough cartilage between the bones to soften the impact. It didnt’ hurt. I was on Cloud 9 for the rest of the day.

Tuesday: walk with my friend Kate again. We started on the rail trail, but looped around the first town so that we did 4.75 miles this time.  It took an hour and forty-five minutes, and it felt great. I am getting used to the miles, and I don’t stiffen up at work.

Wednesday: Yoga day. Thirty minutes of strength and stretchy poses.  I even did Eagle pose, holding for 4 breathes. My right leg has not been strong enough to hold it quite that long, so I was pretty happy.  Ok, so my toes don’t hook around my calf on either leg, but its a work in progress.

 Eagle Pose

Thursday: I thought I deserved a day off 🙂

Friday: my husband had this idea to make his Grammy’s blueberry cake, and wanted to go up the hill to pick some to make it. I knew he  probably shouldn’t go by himself (I was right, I picked 3/4 of a pint and he picked just enough to top it off), so I grabbed my cane and climbed the hill with him. The cane was very helpful coming back down the steep hill. After we came back, I did my Arm Weights & Leg PT, although I only did 3 x 15 reps since I did climb the hill.
PS: the cake came out great, if only I liked blueberries!

Saturday: Treadmill again. I did 15 minutes at a walk, then 5 running, 10 more at a walk, 5 running and a 5 minute cool down.  I thought I would do some yoga to stretch out afterwards, but somehow found myself doing a full  26  minute session with strength poses. My running was more rhythmic, I increased the speed of the treadmill and that seemed to help. Going a bit faster might even have been better, but I had this vision of myself getting face burn from the belt after going down! I will try faster next time.

Sunday: I made Charby do a bit of work 🙂 She is such a good girl; we had a great ride, just over 15 minutes. I rode in the driveway, my riding ring being overtaken by huge weeds since I haven’t been out there. I am using a bareback pad, which is incredibly comfortable and doesn’t have stirrups, which I thought would be better for my leg. It wasn’t that great for posting, however, my legs definitely felt that. I went back to a sitting trot 😉 After I released Charby, I did my drills-high knees, butt kicks, grapevine, etc. I even managed a skip, which I couldn’t do last time I tried my drills.

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