Weekly Rundown

I spent a great deal of the week watching the Olympics. Can one get a better inspiration?

I did also have a good week of exercise, how could I not? Watching the Olympics while exercising  certainly makes one’s personal aches and pains seem insignificant, and lets one push through 🙂

Monday: after a busy weekend, I decided a bit of stretching was in order. I did 23 minutes of yoga, focusing more on the stretch poses than strength poses.

Tuesday: off

Wednesday: The long walk. My friend Kate and I walked the rail trail for 4.78 miles, taking an hour and forty-five minutes. It was early enough the humidity had risen (too much), and we got just the first few drops of the promised rain as we came to the end.  Somehow I managed 19,000 steps before the day’s end. That is definitely the record for me so far.

Thursday: Arm Wt & Leg PT. I did 3 x 15 reps, taking 35 minutes. I have been bending my knee with a line during these sessions, and I have to admit to being a bit depressed that I have not increased my bend (without help) at all. I am still working on it, but not sure I will ever get a full bend back 😦

Friday: I thought I would take the day off, but did do 11 minutes of yoga to stretch out my muscles. Felt fabulous!

Saturday: Arm Wt & Leg PT. I did 4 x 10 reps, which I had recently switched to, thinking that more reps with a few less per rep was an increase. Would somebody please check my math?! Cuz it occurred to me on Saturday as I was working out that 3×15=45, while 4×10=40. *facepalm* I also went out and lunged the horses, which went very well.

Sunday: a busy day. I rode Christopher Robin for the first time this year. He was a good boy, except he had strong ideas about where he wanted to go. We had a few discussions about whether we were going out on the road (I said no, he said yes), about whether the white boat cover on the lawn (that I made sure to have him check out before I got on) could be walked by, whether we….well, the list goes on. So I got a lot of strong leg work on him 🙂 Later I got on the treadmill. I did go a little faster while running, finding the sweet spot (for now)is 3.2MPH. This time I did 15 minutes of walking, then 10 running (wow, I can run 10 minutes and still breathe!), 5 walking, 5 more running, and a 5 minute cool down. Then 12 minutes of yoga to stretch out. Yup, I slept really well last night!

2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Woah! Wow, honesly, I’m sitting here reading your post in a fluffy pink robe drinking coffee. Damn, you’re inspiring. I really should get up! But first I’m going to finish coffee and read more of your posts….


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