Insane Inflatables!

Last Saturday the day dawned bright and blue, and my friends and I headed to Scarborough Downs for the Insane Inflatable 5K.

Ok, let’s get the negatives out of the way first: I had to walk, not run,  although I did try to run, it just wasn’t happening. I also managed to hurt myself coming off the first one. I made the mistake of stepping off the 2′ tall inflated mat with my right foot (which usually works going down stairs), but because of the height, my leg bent and I landed in the mud puddle on my butt. I hate wet clothes! After that one, I just sat down on the end and hopped off. And there were two I couldn’t do: one with deep holes, rather set up on the football tire run idea; and one where we leapt from ball to ball (pictures* forthcoming).

But now the positives: it was so, so much fun!! We had the best team:

So that That would be me, holding onto the bag.  I swear I am standing in a hole!
We were the Terrifying Tigers (or terrified, as the case may be)

the first climb…………

I recommend this event to anyone who has one near them. One of my teammates had a couple broken ribs, and another had not trained at all for it. And I had to be careful not to bend my knee too much.

We all had a blast!!

This race is meant for everyone (as long as they are 42″ tall). People were not in it for a “time,” no one rushed anyone else, and many people besides my gimpy team were walking. Part of our team ran, but waited at each obstacle for the rest of us to catch up.

                                                   That old lady in front of me really isn’t old….

Bouncing Ball house! What fun 🙂

The first part of the course was around the horse track, the second around a large field:

I can not begin to say how much fun the slides were! As long as you climbed up, you knew you would be having a fun ride down!



I loved this one, little tunnels leading to a climb…and then a slide!





 I think I was enjoying the slide more than Kris!

 I wasn’t worried about a thump in the face, I was more thinking how I was going to cross that expanse of inflated pad gracefully. (it wasn’t graceful, in case you were wondering)

My teammate Penny skipping across the balls I had to avoid–but I got some great pictures!

one last slide!

Then the goodies came: we all got a “participation” medal (which, yes, I am proud of!), tees, bags, and snacks!!

We wandered over and had an Army guy show us how to throw a football properly so we could hit the hole. I seem to have a hook just like my bowling, took one step to the right and it went right in. Penny got it the second try–she rocks!

We watched the last wave head out before leaving.  It was a high school ROTC, and they were definitely pumped up. Thinking they had great time too!

*the photos are mix from everybody on the team, between all of us we covered the race very well!


Weekly Rundown

Its Tuesday, yes, I know. Yesterday was the first “real” day of my vacation. I ran around Friday, Saturday and Sunday and yesterday, well, I wanted to do nothing. And I did! I barely got 3500 steps for the whole day. I fixed that today 🙂

Monday: Daisy and I went out for a walk to the “long” end of our road, which equalled 2.23 miles in 38 minutes. It might have been faster, but she does like to sniff! Upon our return, she rolled all over the couch. I did yoga. I just don’t like rolling on the couch, I guess. I did one of my routines from Sara Ivanhoe’s videos.I have been putting off doing any of my videos as I wasn’t sure I could do all the positions. I think I could probably do this video now, but it is so much nicer to be doing it outside on the porch.

Tuesday: off  🙂

Wednesday: 26 minutes of free yoga. The routine I did on Monday was a lot of strength, so I did a lot of stretching in this session. I felt like a happy pretzel when I was done.

Thursday: I did an 8am to 8pm stretch at work since someone had called out. The good thing was that I knew (volunteered) early on, as I was there when they called out Wednesday night. So I  got up nice and early (however, not as early as I planned. Sleep good) and did my Arm Weights and Leg PT. I did 3×15 reps, but skipped the plank roll-ups.

Friday: First day of VACATION!! I spent the day running around with my husband, and although I considered riding, in the end I took the day off.

Saturday: my Insane Inflatable Race. Even though I didn’t “race,” it was a blast! We had a team of 7 ladies, and we were all very supportive of each other.

I did definitely sleep well that night!

Sunday: Arm Weights and Leg  PT again. It was a cloudy, drippy day, so I didn’t get on a horse. I did go out and fix the back line so they could go out and get rid of some of the friskies. We also did some running around town, so I slept well that night too!

Weekly Rundown

Just a mite late, as I had a crazy weekend and a rather busy Monday too! It was a good week, the weather up here has been great. Daisy and I, as well as Kate and I, went out for some wonderful walks. I didn’t get to ride much, just because of the crazy busyness of the weekend. But I did play with the horses. Definitely a good week.

Monday: I took the day off, even though it was Labor Day.  I did ride Christopher Robin for 22 minutes, much of which was taken up with discussions of where I wanted to go versus where he wanted to go.  I will say, those discussions are very good for my legs, as I need to push him where I want him to go.

Tuesday: Arm Weights and Leg PT. I am still doing 3×15 reps–just can’t make myself go for that extra rep. But I am  alternating exercises instead of resting, and I did another 10 of my plank roll-ups, followed by a 2 minute plank. I think it was a good workout  🙂

Wednesday: I took Daisy out for a walk/run. Unlike last week, where I was just checking how it felt to run, this one was planned. I walked about 150 yds, then ran 75, and then walked 150 through-out the 2 mile route.  It felt really great–and Daisy loved it. She still led me the whole way, running or walking. When we got back, she had a drink and rested, while I did 10 minutes of stretching.

Thursday: a walk with Kate. We did 2.93 miles, with quite a bit of hill work. We walked around a local cemetery, and then down the trail that led from it.  The trail, which is a rough dirt road, was REALLY steep at one point. After we got to our turnaround point, I saw a mowed grass road leading back up and suggested we go back that way. Unfortunately, it curved into the woods–and back down. So I made poor Kate walk up the really steep part, then back down and then up the original road and its steep part. Of course, going down was much harder for me than going back up was. But good for our legs, right?

Friday: a busy day planned, so I had to take it off.

Saturday: I had a party in the afternoon, so my morning was packed. I went to town very early to grocery shop, then Daisy and I conquered Blinn hill. We walked down the hill (half a mile) and then back up and home. The last 300 yds was the hairiest, as it was very, very steep and I had a dog pulling on the leash, she was so excited to keep moving.  Going down hill is still the hardest, so when we reached the bottom I breathed a sigh of relief that I hadn’t rolled down the hill.  After we made it home, I did 15 minutes of stretch-y yoga, then ran around getting ready to go to the party–which was great!

Sunday: the pony got out, not once but twice in the morning. So we had to go out and officially reinforce all the weak spots–so nice of him to show me where they are! After that, I had housecleaning to do as my cousin from Fl was coming to visit.  I did get my Arm Weights and Leg PT done, and even managed to lunge the horses. Since I seem to be good at plank right now, after my plank roll-ups, I did some push ups. Those are a weak spot of mine, so I think I will trying to do more in the future.


Monthly Stats

First, I have to say it is always depressing to see how many calories I burned–or didn’t burn! Pretty sure I ate a lot more than that. But I am very happy with the miles this month. Looking back, I see a steady increase in the mileage: from 3.1 in May, to 9.5 in June and 17.5 last month in July.  Can’t wait to see my numbers for September 🙂

Weekly Rundown

Silly holidays. I really feel like I am doing this rundown on a Sunday. It feels just wrong.

Weather has still been gorgeous up here, so lots of outside activity. We are getting chills at night and then warm afternoons, just like fall. And some nice orange leaves are showing themselves. My favorite time of year 🙂

I was rather terrible at noting my exercise for the week, so it’s a good thing my phone does it too!

Monday: off

Tuesday: yoga, with a focus on strength poses. I did some warrior and other bent knee poses to strengthen my leg and knee.  I am definitely doing the poses for longer, as my sessions have gone from 18 minutes to 30 minutes. I do vary which poses I do, but I don’t do that many more. As always, I felt relaxed and ready for my day afterwards.

Wednesday: a walk with my friend Kate. We did the rail trail again, but took a right about 3/4 of a mile in and did the loop up by the State House. On the way back down the hill to rejoin the trail, we decided to go left because we had only done just over 2 miles. By the time we turned around and got back to our starting point, we had covered 5.57 miles! I guess that was a good walk for the day.

Thursday: Arm weights and Leg PT. Still doing 3×15 reps, but again, doing them slowly so that it works the muscle fiber more. Takes about 31 minutes to complete. I also increased the difficulty of my plank rollups.  The original exercise I based it off from had a one-legged plank, then roll up to standing position on the one leg, and roll back into plank. Last week I started the one leg plank/roll up, but only did 10. This week I did 10 with each leg. I did alternate legs, which I think makes it easier. The original exercise had 10 on each leg before alternating. I will get there 🙂 I had left time before work to lunge the horses, so I went out–and discovered Christopher Robin in the front yard. Little rat had gotten out earlier in the week, so they were locked in the barnyard. Whenever he got bored, he figured out how to get out.  Four times last week. He was always happy to go back in and never gave me any trouble catching him.  Just bored. And he got out of being lunged, since by the time I checked the fence, it was time to go back to work.

Friday: off

Saturday: a nice walk with Daisy. We did about 2.85 miles in 53 minutes.  On the way out I started thinking, “I wonder if I could” at the 1/3 mile mark. So Daisy and I jogged about 50 yards, then walked some more and ran some more, just short bursts.  Walk or run, Daisy doesn’t care!

Sunday: a short–1.13 mile–walk with Daisy, and then 28 minutes of yoga. This time I did mostly stretchy positions. After I did a little housework, I rode Charby. She was a bit of an airhead out in the road, and after we started dancing sideways, I hopped offand did some ground work with her. I wasn’t worried about her, just whether or not we’d be dancing  when a car came flying around the corner.  Then I hopped back on and made her work  a few more minutes.


Thursday Thoughts

Shake it up.

Whatever your routine is, do something different. Why?

I have a neighbor who walks down Blinn Hill every day. It is a mile down from his house (plus his long driveway) and, thus, a mile back up. Sounds like a workout, right?

Not if you do it every day. 

It was hard at first, I’m sure. But now he is not even breathing heavy when he gets to the top. His body has adjusted to the work of climbing that hill. If he went down the other side, which is not as steep until the last 300 yards, it would work his legs differently. If he did something crazy, like getting on a bike, well, that would really shake his body up.

So try something different. You might find a new love. And your muscles will let you know you shook them up.