Weekly Rundown

Silly holidays. I really feel like I am doing this rundown on a Sunday. It feels just wrong.

Weather has still been gorgeous up here, so lots of outside activity. We are getting chills at night and then warm afternoons, just like fall. And some nice orange leaves are showing themselves. My favorite time of year 🙂

I was rather terrible at noting my exercise for the week, so it’s a good thing my phone does it too!

Monday: off

Tuesday: yoga, with a focus on strength poses. I did some warrior and other bent knee poses to strengthen my leg and knee.  I am definitely doing the poses for longer, as my sessions have gone from 18 minutes to 30 minutes. I do vary which poses I do, but I don’t do that many more. As always, I felt relaxed and ready for my day afterwards.

Wednesday: a walk with my friend Kate. We did the rail trail again, but took a right about 3/4 of a mile in and did the loop up by the State House. On the way back down the hill to rejoin the trail, we decided to go left because we had only done just over 2 miles. By the time we turned around and got back to our starting point, we had covered 5.57 miles! I guess that was a good walk for the day.

Thursday: Arm weights and Leg PT. Still doing 3×15 reps, but again, doing them slowly so that it works the muscle fiber more. Takes about 31 minutes to complete. I also increased the difficulty of my plank rollups.  The original exercise I based it off from had a one-legged plank, then roll up to standing position on the one leg, and roll back into plank. Last week I started the one leg plank/roll up, but only did 10. This week I did 10 with each leg. I did alternate legs, which I think makes it easier. The original exercise had 10 on each leg before alternating. I will get there 🙂 I had left time before work to lunge the horses, so I went out–and discovered Christopher Robin in the front yard. Little rat had gotten out earlier in the week, so they were locked in the barnyard. Whenever he got bored, he figured out how to get out.  Four times last week. He was always happy to go back in and never gave me any trouble catching him.  Just bored. And he got out of being lunged, since by the time I checked the fence, it was time to go back to work.

Friday: off

Saturday: a nice walk with Daisy. We did about 2.85 miles in 53 minutes.  On the way out I started thinking, “I wonder if I could” at the 1/3 mile mark. So Daisy and I jogged about 50 yards, then walked some more and ran some more, just short bursts.  Walk or run, Daisy doesn’t care!

Sunday: a short–1.13 mile–walk with Daisy, and then 28 minutes of yoga. This time I did mostly stretchy positions. After I did a little housework, I rode Charby. She was a bit of an airhead out in the road, and after we started dancing sideways, I hopped offand did some ground work with her. I wasn’t worried about her, just whether or not we’d be dancing  when a car came flying around the corner.  Then I hopped back on and made her work  a few more minutes.


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