Weekly Rundown

Its Tuesday, yes, I know. Yesterday was the first “real” day of my vacation. I ran around Friday, Saturday and Sunday and yesterday, well, I wanted to do nothing. And I did! I barely got 3500 steps for the whole day. I fixed that today 🙂

Monday: Daisy and I went out for a walk to the “long” end of our road, which equalled 2.23 miles in 38 minutes. It might have been faster, but she does like to sniff! Upon our return, she rolled all over the couch. I did yoga. I just don’t like rolling on the couch, I guess. I did one of my routines from Sara Ivanhoe’s videos.I have been putting off doing any of my videos as I wasn’t sure I could do all the positions. I think I could probably do this video now, but it is so much nicer to be doing it outside on the porch.

Tuesday: off  🙂

Wednesday: 26 minutes of free yoga. The routine I did on Monday was a lot of strength, so I did a lot of stretching in this session. I felt like a happy pretzel when I was done.

Thursday: I did an 8am to 8pm stretch at work since someone had called out. The good thing was that I knew (volunteered) early on, as I was there when they called out Wednesday night. So I  got up nice and early (however, not as early as I planned. Sleep good) and did my Arm Weights and Leg PT. I did 3×15 reps, but skipped the plank roll-ups.

Friday: First day of VACATION!! I spent the day running around with my husband, and although I considered riding, in the end I took the day off.

Saturday: my Insane Inflatable Race. Even though I didn’t “race,” it was a blast! We had a team of 7 ladies, and we were all very supportive of each other.

I did definitely sleep well that night!

Sunday: Arm Weights and Leg  PT again. It was a cloudy, drippy day, so I didn’t get on a horse. I did go out and fix the back line so they could go out and get rid of some of the friskies. We also did some running around town, so I slept well that night too!

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