Insane Inflatables!

Last Saturday the day dawned bright and blue, and my friends and I headed to Scarborough Downs for the Insane Inflatable 5K.

Ok, let’s get the negatives out of the way first: I had to walk, not run,  although I did try to run, it just wasn’t happening. I also managed to hurt myself coming off the first one. I made the mistake of stepping off the 2′ tall inflated mat with my right foot (which usually works going down stairs), but because of the height, my leg bent and I landed in the mud puddle on my butt. I hate wet clothes! After that one, I just sat down on the end and hopped off. And there were two I couldn’t do: one with deep holes, rather set up on the football tire run idea; and one where we leapt from ball to ball (pictures* forthcoming).

But now the positives: it was so, so much fun!! We had the best team:

So that That would be me, holding onto the bag.  I swear I am standing in a hole!
We were the Terrifying Tigers (or terrified, as the case may be)

the first climb…………

I recommend this event to anyone who has one near them. One of my teammates had a couple broken ribs, and another had not trained at all for it. And I had to be careful not to bend my knee too much.

We all had a blast!!

This race is meant for everyone (as long as they are 42″ tall). People were not in it for a “time,” no one rushed anyone else, and many people besides my gimpy team were walking. Part of our team ran, but waited at each obstacle for the rest of us to catch up.

                                                   That old lady in front of me really isn’t old….

Bouncing Ball house! What fun 🙂

The first part of the course was around the horse track, the second around a large field:

I can not begin to say how much fun the slides were! As long as you climbed up, you knew you would be having a fun ride down!



I loved this one, little tunnels leading to a climb…and then a slide!





 I think I was enjoying the slide more than Kris!

 I wasn’t worried about a thump in the face, I was more thinking how I was going to cross that expanse of inflated pad gracefully. (it wasn’t graceful, in case you were wondering)

My teammate Penny skipping across the balls I had to avoid–but I got some great pictures!

one last slide!

Then the goodies came: we all got a “participation” medal (which, yes, I am proud of!), tees, bags, and snacks!!

We wandered over and had an Army guy show us how to throw a football properly so we could hit the hole. I seem to have a hook just like my bowling, took one step to the right and it went right in. Penny got it the second try–she rocks!

We watched the last wave head out before leaving.  It was a high school ROTC, and they were definitely pumped up. Thinking they had great time too!

*the photos are mix from everybody on the team, between all of us we covered the race very well!


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