Weekly Rundown

Ok, I took last week off. Not just from the blog, but from exercise. I did some yoga on Tuesday, and I walked Daisy on Saturday. The yoga went great, of course, but I can’t say the same for the walk.

I was half-way down the driveway when I remembered I hadn’t put a brace on yet. But I kept going anyway. Daisy had a wonderful time sniffing, and it was a nice, albeit cloudy, morning. As we crested the hill a mile out, it started to rain (clouds, remember?). Daisy and I decided to keep going. We went another half a mile, and the rain stopped.  We turned and walked back, and when we hit the end of our road, I realized why I still had been wearing a brace. With half a mile left to go, I wished for the ability to instantanously transport myself  anywhere–preferably, my couch. Daisy kept me going, however, and I put a muscle rub on before heading off to town. I have to admit that shopping wasn’t all that fun, and after breakfast with my mother in law and  3 stores, I decided I was done.

My husband and I brought 2 cord of wood into the basement on Sunday, and I would consider that enough of a workout. Since my leg was not so happy with that, my hubby was nice enough to suggest I take a nap.

But as an exercise addict, I did feel like I gained a million pounds by taking last week off.  I am pretty sure my stomach muscles lost a bit of tone too. Guess that means I just have to work harder this week!



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