Weekly Rundown

I missed posting a Rundown last week, life was still chaotic. I suppose life is always chaotic, last week it was just hard to find those pools of calm that let us do what we want to do, instead of what we need to do. We shall see how this week proceeds 🙂

Monday: Daisy and I took a very brisk, short walk. I have been trying to crack the 17 minute mile, no matter how fast we walked, each mile was 17 minutes or longer. Daisy and I started out with a very firm goal this time, and we did a 15:59 mile. Might have been faster if someone didn’t need a poop stop 😛

Tuesday: off, decided my heart just wasn’t in it.

Wednesday: I got up and got on the treadmill. Yes, I am quite proud of myself! I did 25 minutes of varying (increasing) speeds before getting ready for work. I always have a good day when I push myself to exercise in the early morning, although that is not my preferred time.  Now I just have to keep reminding myself of that. My hours were changed from 11:30 – 8:00 to 8:30 – 5:00, which was a wonderful thing. Now I am home at night, so I can feed the horses and the husband. But it threw my exercise for a loop, as I either need to get up quite early  or do it after a long busy day. I think I am starting to get a handle on it.

Thursday: off, I figured it was a good day for it.

Friday: off, although I had planned to walk the puppy and do some yoga after work. The chaos rose up, and I did not get the chance.

Saturday: Daisy and I made up for all those days off with a vengeance. We started off on a long walk, moseying along as today I wanted distance, not time. We hit several points that I had considered as turn-around points, but since I felt ok (my leg was aware, but not screaming) and Daisy was trotting along, we just kept going. In the end we did 5.48 miles in 1:52. That was the longest walk Daisy had done, and on the way back she did slow down and look up at me a couple of times. I picked her up, snuggled her and carried her about 10 steps before putting her back down. Then she was fine all the way home.  She slept all day, but I got a lot done–even lunging both the horses. Which was good, because every time I sat too long, the leg stiffened up. So moving about was good for many reasons.

Sunday: I made Charby do some real work, and rode her for 15 minutes. She was feeling pretty lazy, but we had a good time together. I did 29 minutes of yoga after, stretching out all the muscles used over the weekend. I did do strength poses as well, and I felt calm and relaxed afterwards.  In all, not a bad week 🙂

3 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. Exercise is a must for us. Every morning, to feed our Brain with Oxygen, you need to so some basic exercises. I have started believing in this, since I was forced to exercise to reduce my weight. I found it to be quite Refreshing. I found myself more Flexible, More Energetic.


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