Weekly Rundown

It was a week of ups and downs, as I ran out of time to exercise more than I meant to. But the days I had the time, the workouts went very well.

Monday: off. Not really planned, just happened that way.

Tuesday: off, again just a lack of time.

Wednesday: I wanted to walk the puppy, but my husband pointed out it would be rude to leave our family (who had come to visit). I tried to get my mom in law to go–that wouldn’t be rude, if she went too–but it was too early. So I did 22 minutes of yoga in the living room. And had a good time with family after.

Thursday: I decided it was time to get back on the treadmill. I have been walking outside, but between work and late sunrises plus early sunsets, I can’t walk during the week. Surprisingly, I even got on after a long day at work. I did 5 minutes at 3.5 MPH (I figured I had warmed up feeding the horses), then a 10 minute run at 4.0 MPH, another 5 at 3.0MPH and then a 2 minute cool down. A little stretching and it was time to make dinner. It was a great workout!

Friday: off again. Not planned or even enjoyed, but off it was.

Saturday: Daisy and I headed out for a walk. It was a gloomy day, and I didn’t really have a plan. I wanted to burn off some of the food I had eaten this week, but I didn’t want to go out 4 or 5 miles. We walked (fairly briskly) for a mile and a half, then ran home the last mile. Yup, I ran a whole mile! Outside, not on the treadmill! (which I haven’t done, anyway) Would it have easier without Daisy veering off to sniff ? Probably. Did my knee hurt while I was doing it? Yeah. Did I have to walk down the steep hill? Yup. Did my knee stiffen up for the rest of the day? Yes’sir.  Did I walk up and down the stairs oh so slowly in a 2-step fashion? Uh-huh. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

Sunday: whenever my feels unhappy, my leg PT moves always makes it feel better. Not sure why, since it does make the muscles work, but it helps. So I  did my arm weights and leg PT,  3x 15 reps. I haven’t actually managed to do that workout for a week or more, so it was harder than I thought. And my leg did feel a bit better 🙂

In all, I call it a good week, and I feel inspired to run more!

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