Weekly Rundown

Whew, another week flown by ! Especially with a holiday in the middle, feels like I barely got past Tuesday. And yet, here is Monday again.

It was a good week. Even with the Thanksgiving food, I didn’t feel like I stuffed myself. Which is amazing, as my brother and his wife have the meal down pat, and it was wonderful. It is always fun to watch them both in the kitchen as they go down the list (yes, they are that organized) and see who needs to do what.

Monday: with the idea of shaking things up, I combined my yoga and weight/PT exercises. I mixed in stretch yoga in between my weights and then some strength in with the PT leg exercises. I may be starting a new trend, because I really enjoyed it. I suppose someone else in the world might have thought of it, but I’m still claiming credit for right now!

Tuesday: I got on the treadmill for 15 minutes; 5 at a walk and 15 at a run. I have been working on going faster, and I was pretty excited to hit 5.0. I still hold on to the handles while I run, I don’t think going down is going to be good for my leg. I try very hard not to lean on the handles, using my core to keep myself upright as much as possible.

Wednesday: I basically took the day off–just a walk around the hospital with my friend. Ever since I started walking days, my weekends are filled with errands and my friend and I have been having a hard time getting our walks in. So we met an hour before I had to work and walked. It was chilly outside (we tried) so some of it was walking around the inside of the hospital. That was rather nice, though, my hospital has some lovely art on the walls, and plenty of stairs to get our legs working 🙂

Thursday: Before the big feast, I took Daisy for a walk. We did a quick 2 mile–32 minutes. Not outrageously fast, but a good time nonetheless. I had planned on doing my weight/PT after, but we were closing on the time we needed to leave for our family get together. So I hopped on the treadmill and ran a mile, before showering and heading out.

Friday: a real day off.

Saturday: Daisy and I went out for another 2 mile walk–two in one week, she was very excited. We got back just before the rain began to come down, which was very good timing on our part. While Daisy rested, I did another set of my yoga mixed with the weight lifting and PT exercises. I really do like it; and I think they complent each other very well, especially working my core.

Sunday: oooh, I didn’t want to work out. I went out in the morning to gather tips for wreaths with my husband–who had decided to make the wreaths this year.It was lovely but drippy out in the back field (I did take my cane in case of tripping). Then  I fixed the horse fence, as apparently there was some snapping the other night. Daisy needed a trim–she is a hairy little puppy. I then decided I might as well get it over with, it was only going to seem worse the longer I put it off. I used the treadmill again (so glad my mom gave me that one), and did some interval training–I really do mean to shake up my body’s routine. I did 5 minutes at 2.5MPH, 5 at 4.0 (running), 5 at 2.5, 5 at 3.2, and then 5 at 4.0 (running). Not saying I enjoyed it at all–even the slow parts–but some stretching and I felt great afterwards.

Weekly Rundown

I was thinking about how you should switch up the order of your exercises (ie, don’t always do bicep curls first, followed by triceps) because your body can get used to the order and the exercises aren’t as effective. Then I started thinking about how I had been doing yoga day, run day, and then wt lifting/pt day for several weeks now.  Hmmm….I better change things up this week.

Monday: off–I really do need to change that next week, it’s been an off day for three weeks now.

Tuesday: Treadmill day. I did a 5 minute warm up, followed by a 20 minute run. I can’t even explain how excited I was to hit 5.0 MPH on the treadmill during my run. It wasn’t for the whole run, but I started at 4.3 and increased it slowly until I did a few minutes at 5.0.

Wednesday: off. I had decided to do treadmill, then off, then treadmill all week to spice it up.

Thursday: Treadmill again. I was extremely tired–or lazy, not sure which, in the morning. However, having had Wednesday off, I wasn’t about to let myself take Thursday off too. So I came home from work, stuck a roast in the oven, fed the horses and climbed on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, a fast 10 minute warm up and then 15 minutes running.

Friday: off

Saturday: a busy day, indeed. I walked Daisy first thing, it’s not her problem that I need to switch up my workouts. We did 2.45 miles, and climbed the “Mountain.” When I got home I did about 10 minutes of wood stacking, then cleaned up Daisy’s poop area. I had to weed whack and rake the area as I was having a hard time trying to see what I was supposed to be picking up.  Then I came in and got on the treadmill for a quick mile…well, quick for me these days, it was an 11:50.  I even managed to climb on Charby for a quick ride.  In case anyone is wondering, I slept very well that night.

Sunday: off again, although I did help my husband with some brush and covering the boat. I also had a lovely nap in the afternoon 🙂


Weekly Rundown

I have a new theory: we are all looking forward to the weekends so much that, inevitably, Monday comes quicker. And here it is again!

Last week was a good week, although the run I took last Sunday was a bit too long and my knee reminded me of that occasionally throughout the week.  Mother Nature was nice, and the weather was quite warm (for November in Maine).

Monday: off again, it does seem to becoming a pattern 🙂

Tuesday: Yoga. I did 28 minutes of both strength and stretch poses. Lengthening my muscles felt sooooo good. I pushed a little harder, knowing that the running was contracting my muscles. I felt a bit more flexible than last week.

Wednesday: Treadmill workout. I did 5 minutes at 2.5MPH, then 5 at 3MPH, and then running 15 minutes at 4.5, followed by a 2 minute cooldown. My knee felt ok while running, probably because it was all flat and no rocks to trip over 😉 Interestingly, it’s not the lack of “cushion” in my knee that seems to bother me as much as the tendon on the inside and the muscle above the knee. My doctor was quite worried about how much cushion I had left after the surgery, and when I start to run longer distances it might come into play. But for now, least of my worries.

Thursday: Arm Weights and Leg Pt. I did the extra moves from Self again and upped them to 1×15 this week. I did the 3×15 with my regular weight and pt exercises. I could definitely feel my core with the multi move exercises.

Friday: off. Yup, definitely a pattern.

Saturday: a Daisy walk, of course.  We went 3.76 miles. I was going to do a loop using the gravel pit at the end of our road–there is access from our road, but they blocked the way through and we couldn’t go out the main entrance like I used to. When we got home I did 31 minutes of yoga, and this was mostly stretching out after the week. I did have plans for the horses in the afternoon, but Bruce (my large dog) enticed me onto the couch with him and I may have fallen asleep. Totally blaming Bruce. Not that the horses care, they are happy with being fed and some head rubs and no work.

Sunday: I got up and did my Arm Weights and Leg Pt, taking about 32 minutes.  My husband and I went out for the day,  ending up at Wolfe’s Neck State Park. It was a beautiful day!

The path wandered in the woods along the ocean, and we walked quite a ways before quitting  and heading out for lunch.

Weekly Rundown

Another excellent week. The trees are losing their leaves and the temperature is dropping, but it is still nice to get out and enjoy.

Monday: off. My weekends have been so busy, it seems like a good day to take off 🙂

Tuesday: I did some yoga to start my week.  After the accident I had to focus on yoga and I felt that I was more flexible than I had been in years. What I didn’t realize is that I was more flexible since I wasn’t running! Since I started running again, my muscles have tightened up immensely. I am trying to make sure that I do some yoga stretching after each exercise to keep my flexibility.

Wednesday: I pulled out the weights, but instead of my usual Wts and PT, I added some new exercises from a Self issue I found in 2015. I hadn’t done these in a long time, so I did 1×10 reps, while doing 3×15 reps of my usual moves. The Self exercises incorporated multiple moves targeting multiple muscles, and it felt great that I could do them–mostly–easily. When I first attempted them in 2015, they were harder than heck!!

Thursday: a treadmill day. I did a 5 minute walk warm up, then a 17 minute run and a 2 minute cool down. I find that I go slower on the treadmill, my outside walks and runs seem to be at a faster pace. Maybe it is because of the moving ground? I am worried that I will fall and hurt my knee. I also find that I need to hold on to the treadmill arms while running. Again, I think it is the moving ground, it makes me worried about stability.

Friday: off again 🙂

Saturday: Daisy and I went out for our walk. I wasn’t sure how far we were going to go, and I wasn’t overly concerned about our time. Daisy moved right along, so I guess she was thinking we needed to have good mile times. We did actually do 18 minute miles, and walked 4.80 miles. It’s a good thing I have a Daisy to push me along 🙂 Keeping in mind the decrease in flexibility recently, I did 16 minutes of stretchy yoga when we got back.

Sunday: I thought Daisy might be tired, as she was only getting one walk a week and Saturday’s had been long.  But I thought we could try anyway. That little dog tugged me right out the driveway and down the road.

She was so enthusiastic that I thought that we could walk out and run back. So we walked 1.7 miles out at a leisurely pace, and I snapped a few pictures:





Even on a rather cloudy day, it was  beautiful out in our area. The end of the road has a gravel pit, and I have always loved those trees left up on the hill.
Daisy and I returned at a light jog. I am definitely a long distance runner, and the first part of a run really isn’t that much fun til  I hit my stride.  After about a third of a mile, I heard a rhythmic pace on the road, and felt better as we went along. I was pretty excited that I knocked 45 seconds off our last run down the road–which brought me to a 12+ minute mile! Not all that wonderful, but it was a run 🙂
Gotta admit, the 1.67 mile might have been too much for me, as my leg did NOT like to bear my weight going up the stairs while doing laundry, and some Tylenol was involved during the afternoon. But it was worth it, as it was a good start.