Weekly Rundown

I have a new theory: we are all looking forward to the weekends so much that, inevitably, Monday comes quicker. And here it is again!

Last week was a good week, although the run I took last Sunday was a bit too long and my knee reminded me of that occasionally throughout the week.  Mother Nature was nice, and the weather was quite warm (for November in Maine).

Monday: off again, it does seem to becoming a pattern 🙂

Tuesday: Yoga. I did 28 minutes of both strength and stretch poses. Lengthening my muscles felt sooooo good. I pushed a little harder, knowing that the running was contracting my muscles. I felt a bit more flexible than last week.

Wednesday: Treadmill workout. I did 5 minutes at 2.5MPH, then 5 at 3MPH, and then running 15 minutes at 4.5, followed by a 2 minute cooldown. My knee felt ok while running, probably because it was all flat and no rocks to trip over 😉 Interestingly, it’s not the lack of “cushion” in my knee that seems to bother me as much as the tendon on the inside and the muscle above the knee. My doctor was quite worried about how much cushion I had left after the surgery, and when I start to run longer distances it might come into play. But for now, least of my worries.

Thursday: Arm Weights and Leg Pt. I did the extra moves from Self again and upped them to 1×15 this week. I did the 3×15 with my regular weight and pt exercises. I could definitely feel my core with the multi move exercises.

Friday: off. Yup, definitely a pattern.

Saturday: a Daisy walk, of course.  We went 3.76 miles. I was going to do a loop using the gravel pit at the end of our road–there is access from our road, but they blocked the way through and we couldn’t go out the main entrance like I used to. When we got home I did 31 minutes of yoga, and this was mostly stretching out after the week. I did have plans for the horses in the afternoon, but Bruce (my large dog) enticed me onto the couch with him and I may have fallen asleep. Totally blaming Bruce. Not that the horses care, they are happy with being fed and some head rubs and no work.

Sunday: I got up and did my Arm Weights and Leg Pt, taking about 32 minutes.  My husband and I went out for the day,  ending up at Wolfe’s Neck State Park. It was a beautiful day!

The path wandered in the woods along the ocean, and we walked quite a ways before quitting  and heading out for lunch.

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