Weekly Rundown

I was thinking about how you should switch up the order of your exercises (ie, don’t always do bicep curls first, followed by triceps) because your body can get used to the order and the exercises aren’t as effective. Then I started thinking about how I had been doing yoga day, run day, and then wt lifting/pt day for several weeks now.  Hmmm….I better change things up this week.

Monday: off–I really do need to change that next week, it’s been an off day for three weeks now.

Tuesday: Treadmill day. I did a 5 minute warm up, followed by a 20 minute run. I can’t even explain how excited I was to hit 5.0 MPH on the treadmill during my run. It wasn’t for the whole run, but I started at 4.3 and increased it slowly until I did a few minutes at 5.0.

Wednesday: off. I had decided to do treadmill, then off, then treadmill all week to spice it up.

Thursday: Treadmill again. I was extremely tired–or lazy, not sure which, in the morning. However, having had Wednesday off, I wasn’t about to let myself take Thursday off too. So I came home from work, stuck a roast in the oven, fed the horses and climbed on the treadmill. I did 25 minutes, a fast 10 minute warm up and then 15 minutes running.

Friday: off

Saturday: a busy day, indeed. I walked Daisy first thing, it’s not her problem that I need to switch up my workouts. We did 2.45 miles, and climbed the “Mountain.” When I got home I did about 10 minutes of wood stacking, then cleaned up Daisy’s poop area. I had to weed whack and rake the area as I was having a hard time trying to see what I was supposed to be picking up.  Then I came in and got on the treadmill for a quick mile…well, quick for me these days, it was an 11:50.  I even managed to climb on Charby for a quick ride.  In case anyone is wondering, I slept very well that night.

Sunday: off again, although I did help my husband with some brush and covering the boat. I also had a lovely nap in the afternoon 🙂


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