Weekly Rundown

Another mild (for Maine) week went by, and we all made the most of our outdoor time. It was not the best week for my exercise, however. I started off slow, but was very busy over the weekend to make up for it.

Monday: off. I really do need to break this trend. Or perhaps I should just relax and enjoy it?

Tuesday: Kate and I walked around the inside of the hospital for our walk as she was fighting off a head cold. Didn’t accomplish much, only .55 mile in 40 minutes. Although I think the stairs are good for us.

Wednesday: off again. Guilt started to intrude, as I didn’t really feel like I had exercised at all this week.

Thursday: I did my blend of weights and yoga for 35 minutes. Stretching the muscles as you use them intensely  is a really good mix. I also have been using my 15 minute break at work to walk. I usually walk all three floors and finish up with grabbing a coffee on the way back to the lab. This time I focused on the stairs, going from the first floor to the roof (four flights) and then from the bottom to the roof (five flights). By the time I got my coffee, my legs were shaking 🙂

Friday: Morning on the treadmill. I hadn’t run yet this week, so I felt pretty good after a mile on the treadmill and some walking to cool down. It wasn’t a long run, just about 20 minutes. My goal next week is to run 2 miles on the treadmill.

Saturday: after an early morning trip for shopping (groceries, horse food and Christmas), Daisy and I did 4.3 miles. That little dog is so cute, the line never slackened between us, coming or going. She just loves to go. And sniff. Sniffing is important.
After some work around the house, I did go out and see my horses.  I didn’t make them work too hard, just a little ground work so they know I am still in charge. And since I still have some homegrown carrots for them, they were happy to see me.

Sunday: another walk with Daisy. First I went out and expanded the horses’ barnyard. We had gotten up Friday to find Christopher Robin in the driveway. Not sure how he got out, but I am thinking that dang moose pulled the fence down again. At least Christopher was hanging out looking for breakfast instead of up at the neighbors.
I figure at this time of year, the barnyard is a good place for them anyway, as the grass supply is pretty much gone.  But I wanted to make it a little bigger. Took me two hours, which was longer than I expected! So Daisy and I did just a hair over 2 miles.  My husband and I then made our annual pilgrimage Christmas shopping together, with a stop in Freeport to see the Festival of Lights.  It was a wonderful afternoon and evening, even if we were too late to see the reindeer. I guess they go to bed early.

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