Weekly Rundown

Another week over again. And one week closer to Christmas. Hope everyone is ready. Once more the week started off slowly, but then I dug in and made myself do some serious exercising.

Monday: off

Tuesday: off. I didn’t plan it to be off, but I was feeling lazy in the morning and decided to get on the treadmill when I got home. Eight hours later, after an extremely busy  day where everyone in the world decided they needed lab work done right then, I was too pooped to get on the treadmill. Or do anything else.

Wednesday: After two days off, I was determined to get on the exercise stick. I hit the treadmill early before work, and did 5 minutes of a warm up walk, then 15 minutes of running. Afterwards, I did 16 minutes of my weights and yoga. I went back to my original arm weights, as I had been doing the other moves for a couple of weeks.

Thursday: Another day on the treadmill–thank goodness for treadmills! I did a 5 minute warm up, and then 20 minutes running. And I hit my goal–2 miles run 🙂 Felt more than a little awesome.

Friday: the plan was for a walk around the exterior of the hospital with my friend. However, after seeing the 16 degree windchill, I wussed out. So once more I got on the treadmill and ran for 16 minutes (1.5 miles!). Then I did 13 minutes of yoga, mostly stretchy to relax after the run.

Saturday: a walk with Daisy. Windchill threatened to be cold as Friday’s but I bundled up the puppy (and myself) and we headed out. She was more than happy to be out there, and wasn’t cold at all. I wasn’t either, and we did 2 miles. Might have done more but I had Christmas shopping to do with a friend. We did a 3 hour tour of the shops, which I wish I’d had my tracker on for. I would love to know how many miles we did!

Sunday: off. Well, from organized exercise. I helped out in the back field, and I cleaned the house and I put up the Christmas tree. Many steps were done up and down the stairs as I brought stuff up and then took the empties back down. And the laundry! At least I was carrying weights up and down those stairs.Sleep was easy to find that night.

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