Weekly Rundown

I can’t say last week was the best, as time was not cooperating with me. Holidays 🙂 I had to work some long days to cover coworkers (of course, I took Friday off, so they had to cover me). And then on Saturday….ah, well, Saturday.

Monday: I ran on the treadmill, happily hitting 2 miles in 25 minutes. I really do need to find another treadmill, as this one only goes to 6MPH. At this point that is not an issue, but I hope to get beyond the 10 minute mile over the course of the winter.

Tuesday: I did 18 minutes of yoga first thing in the morning, stretching my muscles and cracking my joints as I went. Definitely more of an afternoon yoga person.  I went walking with my friend before work as well. We were supposed to walk outside, but as it was 3F outside; we decided inside the hospital  would work as well.  We did about 2 miles, lapping each floor twice with a couple repeats before heading to the cafe for our reward: coffee!

Wednesday: Off because I worked 6:30am to 5pm. Somehow I just didn’t have the gumption to exercise afterwards, especially with the housework, horses and feeding the husband.

Thursday: same, all over again.

Friday: Off, as I had Christmas at my house. I thought I would have enough time to exercise in between the cooking and preparing, but I was wrong. We had a wonderful day, however!

Saturday: after three days of not exercising, I was rearing to go. I put a coat on Daisy and headed out for a walk. We decided to do 2 miles and I was thinking on getting on the treadmill to run as it was going so well. On the way back I heard a car so I pulled Daisy in and stepped off the road to get out of the way. And that is when it went to hell.
Although the snow looked even with the road, it was actually a ditch. My left foot went down (deeper than my knee) and my right knee bent.
My leg has been feeling strong, and the bending I do feels easier, but it is still about a 90 degree bend. Not sure how far it bent, it happened so fast; but I am pretty sure from the pain and scream I let out it was a lot more than 90 degrees.  The car very  nicely stopped and offered help. The gentleman (a neighbor I got to meet) picked me up (I was on my back on the snow) and offered a ride home.But I knew it would stiffen up, and by the time we exchanged names and stories, I felt up to walking on it again. So Daisy and I limped the half mile home, where I took Tylenol, put some muscle rub on and sat in my armchair.

Sunday: well, I couldn’t take it off, not after three days this week. I worked the leg a bit, walking around the house and feeding the horses. Then I climbed (at a very slow pace) on the treadmill–over my husband’s objections. But I didn’t hurt myself: stubborn, not stupid, you know. I started at 2.oMPH, but it felt pretty good so I got up to 3.0 by the time I finished my half an hour. Leg was a little sore, but it was fine by the time I went to bed.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Rundown

  1. I’ve been MIA for a while in the blog world, at least as far as keeping up with people. I’m so glad to hear that your leg is doing better! That’s some serious improvement since the last time I read a Weekly Rundown.

    I hope you had a fantastic holiday season. Sending you the warmest wishes from Florida and the best of luck in the New Year. : )


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