Weekly Rundown

Somehow I seemed to have missed last week’s rundown. My days are just running together, I truly can’t believe we are at the end of February. The weather has been extraordinary warm for Maine- I saw 54 degrees last Sunday.
Now, I like winter, I like snow and I like winter activities. But when it gets warm like that, I am ready for spring. I start thinking about my garden, and riding, and running outside. I am sure Mother Nature will have something to say about that in March. We did get slammed with a week and a half of huge winter storms, then it got warm and all the snow started to melt.
So this February 13 to 19, the week I missed. I will bring it up to date with last week’s exercise later this week.

Monday: treadmill day. I did an easy 2 miles @ 3MPH. A little bit of stretching and I was good to go. Then I felt guilty because it was so easy, and I got back on later in the day for another 15 minutes. We had a blizzard that particular day, I didn’t have to go to work. So I spent most of the day in the easy chair, with occasional forays for housework, and getting on the treadmill.

Tuesday: I felt the need for more stretching, so I did 20 minutes of yoga. It was almost all stretch/relaxation moves with no real strength poses. I enjoyed it greatly, and was happy (read: madly excited) to see that my knee bends enough to do butterfly pose. Not a perfect pose, but the soles of my feet meet and I just need to practice stretching out to drop my knees.

Wednesday: Treadmill and yoga. First I did an easy 20 minutes @ 3 MPH-which seems to be my default speed. Then I followed up with  30 minutes of yoga. I did a DVD session from memory, and so got quite a few strength poses mixed in.

Thursday: a day off.

Friday: regular weight session, with one multi twist move. I try to add these moves I found from Self magazine to each session (sometimes that is all the session is, but not often. They are hard). Today I did one that mixes arm weights with squats and some twisting for my core. Afterwards, I did a few yoga stretches before heading out to work.

Saturday: treadmill again. I did 2 miles–5 warm up @ 3MPH, 15 minutes running @ 5MPH, 10 minute cool down @ 3MPH. As a further cool down, I took Daisy out for a mile walk. Although it was warm, I didn’t want to take her too far due to all the mud and puddles. Once her fur gets wet, no matter whether it is 40 or 50, she is going to get cold. She did not want to turn around and come back home. Mud season will be very long for her.  I may have pushed my knee a bit far, it was quite happy to come back home!

Sunday: a lazy day on the treadmill. I have a new one, and it holds my magazines so I can read while walking. Cool! So I walked for 40 minutes, varying the speed (still topping out at my default of 3MPH).


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