Weekly Rundown

Oh my, another week has gone by! Only good thing is that it was a very cold week, and I was glad to see it go. Bad thing is I never got around to my second post on my week behind. It wasn’t a very exciting week any. I think we will just go on to this week 🙂

I had to pick a new way of logging my week’s activities. I had a Runner’s Journal and finally ran (haha) out of it. If I just go by my activity tracker, I tend to forget details of my exercise, and what made it excellent or awful by the time of writing. So I did a week or two where I put notes in my activity tracker–it does have a spot for this, I just never needed to use it. You know those two weeks I was behind? Yup, those be the ones.

I decided to go old school and grabbed a notebook–a very pretty notebook, of course. I can make each page a week, put a goal for each day and a spot for notes down at the bottom. What can I say? I’d rather write than use that little bitty keypad on my phone! I also like seeing my week at a glance and having the ability to plan out my week ahead of time.

Monday: 25 minutes of yoga. I did mostly stretching, with a few strength poses mixed in.

Tuesday: Fab run on the treadmill- a 9.54 mile with a top speed of 6.5MPH. That would make this my first sub-ten minute since my accident! And definitely the fast I have gone on the treadmill, as my last treadmill only went up to 6.0 MPH. I followed up with 26 minutes of weight. I did 3×15 of my arm, leg and core exercises, finishing up with some stretches.

Wednesday: I had planned a 30 minute walk on the treadmill. Due to time constraints (read: Sam may have overslept), I only did an easy 20 minutes at 3.0 MPH.

Thursday: I planned to take it off, and I did!

Friday: another yoga day. 25 minutes of a mix of strength and stretching.

Saturday: I had planned another mile on the treadmill, with more yoga to follow.  I took the day off for two reasons. One, my leg was not happy with me.  Two, I had put off calling a prescrip and when I finally did Saturday morning, it was to find out that it was expired. I’d taken the last one on Tuesday–it wasn’t a big dose, or necessary for my continued health. However, I had been on it for years, so my body was sadly noticing the difference. I will say, the worst part was that coffee was not such a good thing to be drinking. Bah!

Sunday: feeling better, I had a very active day. Started with washing the dishes, getting groceries, walking on the treadmill for 39 minutes, yoga for 35 minutes, and rearranging the library (where I keep the treadmill). By the time I fed the horses dinner, my leg was done. I had to ice the knee for the first time in months. Perhaps I need to slow down? Nah!



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