Joy of Yoga…..Dvds!

I have dug out all my yoga dvds again, finally.  I have been doing yoga from memory for the last year, as there are moves on all the sessions that my knee couldn’t do. Sometimes I did the session as the dvd did, but more often I strung moves together depending on how I felt that particular day.

Having been doing yoga for over 15 years now, I have a strong understanding of the difference and reason for doing strength  versus stretch-y moves.  So I felt that I was able to tailor my poses to what my body needed.

Some days I had a plan-Forward Bend to Wide Leg Down Dog to Warrior I Pose to Tree, etc. Other days I’d come  out of Warrior and think, hey, let’s do Plank here, with, maybe, Scale after?

Now I bet that you are all thinking, so why did you need the dvds again?

The joy of my dvd sessions is that there is a voice reminding me of all the little techniques that I sometimes forget. When we do Sun Salutation and I reach my arms up with my palms meeting, I am terrible at pressing them together. I mean, they’re touching, isn’t that enough? I need that little voice to remind  me. And sometimes I don’t hold the poses long enough. With a dvd,  that is no longer a problem.

I also modified quite of few of my poses to compensate for my knee. So I am not doing them all “technically” correct. When I started yoga last spring again, my knee didn’t bend at all. I think it was mid-summer before I could do any Warrior pose. It was fall before any of the Warriors were fun. My Tree started with my foot at my ankle-it has now progressed up to just under my knee. It helps to have the instructor pointing out ways to make the poses better to regain my proficiency.

Lastly, it is fun to not have to worry about my next move. The instructor tells us when to do each pose, how long to hold it and what to do next. That lets us fall into the mindlessness of yoga. To simply enjoy the muscles, the twist, the breath. I love yoga with my eyes closed.



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