Weekly Rundown

Spring! It’s really here! To celebrate, Mother Nature generously gave us 50+ degrees today,  with bright blue skies and a brilliant sun. If only we could keep it! We had, I hope, our last snow storm earlier last week, and most of it melted today.

Monday: off. I did walk for my 15 minute break. I have a path around the hospital, including all the floors and stairs. I can finally jog up one flight of stairs 🙂

Tuesday: I hopped on the treadmill and did 30 minutes at 3.5PH while perusing my Twitter feed. Quite a fun exercise day!

Wednesday: I had planned on a 15 minute walk, followed by my weights. But it had snowed yesterday, a nice wet heavy snow. So I spent my 15 minutes helping to clear off and around the vehicles, and shoveling an area for that short-leg beastie I call Daisy. Then I did come back in and do my weights. I hadn’t done them ina couple weeks, and my core strongly protested the next few days. I added on my first Burpees–5, with push ups. Who knew I’d be so excited to do Burpees? My knee did ache a bit on the last two, but I felt fine for the rest of day.

Thursday: another “fast” walk on the treadmill. Apparently I now have made 3.5MPH my default instead of 3.0MPH. But 30 minutes felt good, and at least my defaults are getting higher 🙂

Friday: 30 more minutes starting at 3.0MPH and working up to 3.8MPH. I also changed the incline on the treadmill to make it a bit harder. With all the hills around here, I didn’t notice the change all that much. I also have these Danskin balls, I think they probably weigh 2lbs. So I use those when I walk.

Saturday: a run, a real run! I did 1 slow mile–at 4.9MPH–with a 16 minute cooldown, plus 20 minutes of yoga stretching. I figure it is time to start actually running again, so I have a plan. Plans are always good, right? Another plan is to get Daisy back in shape, so we did our first mile in the afternoon. She did love getting out there.

Sunday: back to the weights. I did the 15 minute warmup, then 30 minutes of weights. I also did 5 more Burpees- I can see how much stronger my core is getting with the ease of holding my position in the push up. My knee didn’t bother me as much this time, which is marvelous. Later in the afternoon I took Daisy for another mile walk. Then I decided to hop on Christopher Robin. I brought him in, brushed him and put his bridle on. Then I got a bucket to get on. Apparently I have a lot more umph now, I almost went flying over him. Thank goodness for that heavy pony mane. He was a doll, even as I got settled on him, and seemed to enjoy the love.


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